Chinese appliance innovation promotion IFA exhibition debut of Su ningyun exclusive channel support p8400

Chinese appliance innovation promotion IFA exhibition debut of Su ningyun exclusive channel support – Beijing, Beijing, September 8, recently, by Chinese household electrical appliances research institute, Su ningyun offers exclusive channel support "to promote" Twelfth Chinese household appliances innovation activities will be held as scheduled in the German Berlin IFA exhibition, which is the activities for 8 consecutive years IFA exhibition debut. IFA exhibition has a history of 92 years, is currently the world’s largest and most influential international audio visual and consumer electronics products exhibition, known as the industry development weathervane. In this exhibition, Chinese household electrical appliances research institute jointly Su ningyun jointly announced the "Twelfth annual results Chinese household appliances Innovation Award, SIEMENS, FOTILE, Haier, Hisense, Whirlpool, Midea, Joyoung, casarte and other brands on the list, showcasing the China appliance innovation and development front. It is understood that the opening of the early in the IFA exhibition, Chinese household electrical appliances research institute and Suning exclusive cooperation, relying on online traffic resources and Suning online and offline huge user resources, combining the advantages of O2O platform Suning 1600 stores, more than 1 thousand and 200 stores, more than 2 thousand service station, station. The big data analysis technology is applied to "promote" the twelfth session of the Chinese household appliances innovation activities, the selection of technology innovation of the year award in 20, the product innovation of the year award in 23, the annual design innovation award 15, the annual standard innovation award 1 enterprises, the most influential brands of home appliances, the 1 most influential small household appliances 1 brands, the most influential foreign home appliance brand 1, the most innovative home appliance brand 4, most of the growth of home appliance brand 2. China Home Appliances Research Institute Vice President Ge Fengliang at the scene said, "at present, innovation driven transformation direction China household appliances industry, through the strengthening of technological innovation, and eliminate backward repetition capacity, and increase the variety of products, improve product quality, expand the brand influence, in order to achieve the overall level and enhance the image of the home appliance industry to China." The transformation in the China appliance industry innovation and upgrading process, a fact that can not be ignored, from the production of manufacturing to broad consumer market, from the B to the C end of the channel as "information intelligence" role, is playing an increasingly important role, Chinese channels and brands have begin to work together. The activities of the exclusive channel cooperation unit Su Ningyun business, it has made many attempts to promote the upgrading of China’s home appliance industry. With the help of Suning 269 million members, Suning through the portrait to consumers by big data, and has launched many brands of C2B customized products, such as the popular mobile phone Mito, E – T Berg Boren alien Haier Hello Kitty custom refrigerator, washing machine, C2B reverse push China appliance industry innovation. It is understood that at present, Suning has entered the Hongkong, Japan, the United States, the Italy market is fully into Southeast Asia and Australia and the wider European market, covering retail, Internet business, brand agents, software technology mergers and acquisitions and investments in five plates..相关的主题文章: