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Prosecutors said the anti Changsha crooks posing as police is a "liar" – Beijing false zuigaojian website "shock to the" anti fraud center daily electric female college students discourage 14 such telecommunications fraud, of which 11 victims for more than 10 students in the Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter intern Liu Qin Jian Yueting Changsha reported September 16th morning, a Changsha college student Li Huijuan (a pseudonym) received a strange phone call, the person claiming the Shanghai Municipal People’s Procuratorate prosecutor, said Li Huijuan holds the bank card to "foreign economic crime of money laundering case", the need for the freezing tube, and asked her the money will be transferred to a safe account. Li Huijuan also questioned whether this is a hoax, but the other party to the Supreme Procuratorate website ", to find the relevant information involved. At noon on September 16th, Hunan province (Changsha) combat governance telecommunications network new illegal crime Center (referred to as the "anti electricity fraud center") after receiving clues, timely stop this hoax. Reporters from the electric anti fraud center was informed that the recent "money laundering" fraud object to the student transfer, in September 16th, the center successfully discouraged such cases since 14, of which 11 victims for college students. Forged sites and the real site is basically the same in the morning of September 16th, 22 year old Li Huijuan received a telephone fraud, there are a few doubts. But after a series of negotiations, the other side of the phone sent to a web site, she opened a look, the top of the site reads, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate of People’s Republic of China". She was shocked". According to the other side of the guidelines, Li Huijuan found in the website of the Ministry of public security project execution order column, and find a frozen pipe received orders". Including her registration according to ID number and place of birth and other information, "and done a kind of mold". Police investigators found in the course of the investigation, the fake website is very deceptive, although its servers outside the domain name change, but its home page is also consistent with the real site. And the so-called executive order seems to be more formal, there are numbers, shown in September 16th issued a document, the end of the text and the red seal. Li Huijuan sees these "the information", the liar she even convinced each other in accordance with guidelines, uninstall security software inside the mobile phone, the other reason is to tell her, "the software may leak". A liar is a liar said the anti Changsha police anti fraud center at noon on September 16th, electric police contact Li Huijuan, she would not say, even after the police also refused to answer the call. After the police investigation found that the fraud cases of secret on the phone said, let her not to mention to anyone, including the public security organs Changsha. After receiving the anti fraud police power center after the call, Li Huijuan took the initiative to contact the fraudsters, the other said "Changsha police is a liar". Li Huijuan in accordance with the "reminder", it calls the police call Changsha. He also advised her to open a room outside the hotel, find a secluded place, for the investigation of cases, even let Li Huijuan replace the mobile phone number. In the meantime, electric anti fraud center after a series of technical means, with the Li Huijuan family, and find Li Huijuan,.相关的主题文章: