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Dai Bin: expand Kazakhstan tourism exchange is the common aspiration of the people author Dai Bin is the director of the China tourism research institute. September 28th, Dai Bin attended the "Kazakhstan – China Tourism Forum" and delivered a keynote speech, the original title of "Almaty, how Astana? The imagination and expectation of Chinese tourists to Kazakhstan. The following is the full text of the speech: Ladies and gentlemen, good morning! I was honored by the invitation of the Kazakhstan chamber of Commerce of the people’s Republic of China and the special appointment of the National Tourism Administration of China to come to Astana on the eve of the opening of the China Kazakhstan tourism year. Considering this is a few compatriots visited, even the range are not clear of the country, but in five years in two visits, and academician Clara can speak for the invitation by Chinese, to experience the most authentic local food culture, will cherish Dunsheng. A few days ago with my friends to come to Astana, almost all face Meng circle: Astana, where? No way, but to give them a little bit of geographical knowledge. The world has a land area across the Eurasian continent, the largest inland country, 2% of the earth’s land area is in Republic of Kazakhstan, President Nazarbayev’s office and residence of the city is Astana, is the country’s capital. No wonder no friends around. In recent years, bilateral political mutual trust, economic exchange situation is good, communication and cooperation between the party and state leaders of the high-level interaction and professional organizations to develop quickly, but tourism exchanges between the people is still in its infancy. Statistics show that in 2014 and 2015 Hayek tourists were in China, respectively, a total of 343 thousand and 600 people, a total of 241 thousand and 600 people, down by 12.7%, respectively, year on year, respectively. The number of tourists China citizens to Kazakhstan is steadily over the past two years, the data were 248 thousand and 900 people, 249 thousand and 400 people, an increase of 12.6%, 0.2%. Compared with the rapid growth of China outbound tourism market, to better ties with Kazakhstan, I think this situation is not the governments of the two countries, especially the tourism administrative departments and tourism enterprises want to see. In May 20th this year, President Nazarbayev said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua news agency, Kazakhstan and China’s tourism, has not yet reached a certain height. 2017 will be held in Kazakhstan, World Expo, Xi Jinping and I agreed to announce the president of the year for Kazakhstan and China Tourism year". Currently, the two countries are fully committed to the tourism sector and efficient efforts to promote the affairs. In July 15th, China tourist groups to Kazakhstan tourism business officially launched, the Xinjiang autonomous region has organized the first group, the National Tourism Bureau deputy director Dr. Du Jiang came off. As far as I know, the regiment received Kazakhstan warm reception, public opinion warmly, marks a new era in tourism exchanges between the two countries has arrived. Ladies and gentlemen, expand Kazakhstan tourism exchange is the common aspiration of the people represent the general trend. After thirty years of development, China has become the world’s largest tourist country. Last year, outbound tourists contributed nearly 120 million of the world’s tourism industry相关的主题文章: