Dalian public security protection people water bowl demolition of 9 dredge plustek

Dalian public security protection "people water bowl" demolition of 9 dredge environmental special rectification action scene. The roar of the machine, the workers are busy, huge hull, dismembered by flat land…… This is the morning of November 14th, the reporter saw the special rectification action scene in three Ling village in Zhuanghe city of Guangxi cloud Linghai Bao Tun Biliuhe reservoir area in the scene. It is reported that this is the period of the Municipal Public Security Bureau Public Security Management Branch water home "in" I love the special action to ensure the safety of water environment started the third campaign, the Water Security Management Bureau joint municipal water authority, river and Reservoir Management Bureau, censorial detachment, Biliuhe reservoir management bureau, Zhuanghe Municipal Public Security Bureau to carry out environmental protection the special rectification action, the dismantling of the Biliuhe reservoir in 9 ships of illegal sand and related facilities, to clean up illegal construction of the nursing staff were advised to leave, restore the related functions and occupy land. According to the Deputy Secretary for water branch Sui Xuewen introduction: this special action against regulation, the public security organs will strengthen the rivers and reservoirs within the scope of illegal sand mining, illegal construction, illegal acts such as planting, and increase water level protection zone of illegal fishing of aquatic resources, production, dumping garbage, sewage and other acts of punishment. Let the people drink safe water. The reporter understands, Bao Tun site as the main battlefield of the special rectification, covers an area of more than 2 square meters. Although is the dry season, but the 6 ships still parked in the water. These vessels pose a great threat to the water quality of the water source, but also a great hidden danger of reservoir dam safety in flood season. The special action, the police administrative management department of the joint water and make full use of favorable conditions in dry season, as the No. 1 remediation goals. Biliu River Administration of the use of hoisting machinery 2 units, 5 units, demolition equipment, transport vehicles more than and 20, the mobilization of professional construction personnel more than 30 people were removed to clean up illegal construction activities of the board and related facilities for illegal land leveling. Police dispatched more than 40 people, mobilize the blue shark mobile team at the scene to alert, to ensure the smooth and orderly treatment of the entire site. Biliuhe reservoir management bureau director Wang Hongshan said: "the" people of the water bowl "special rectification, we will work together with the public security organs, through the implementation of water isolation, water comprehensive renovation, Dalian began to effectively protect public drinking water safety from the source." Chen Wenqi Miao Qijian map reporter correspondent An Wenyuan Department of public security相关的主题文章: