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Deep restructuring of the 1000 day journey dream dress: deepen the reform of the Sohu news reform is a relay race, only when there is no complete. 24, 2009, the central leading group for the comprehensive deepening of reform (deep restructuring) set up a full 1000 days. The 27 meeting, the 162 documents, not all the contents of the deep restructuring of the 1000 days, but it is the driving force to deepen the reform of the acceleration of the weight of each increment. 1000 day and night, nearly three years, in the field of reform continues to accelerate, the introduction of reforms, efforts of large number of hitherto unknown new characteristics appears and reform, to show the new trend, the new achievements have attracted worldwide attention, the beautiful dream journey. People’s livelihood reform, to bring more people get a sense of. "People’s yearning for a better life is our goal." This is the general secretary Xi Jinping made after the eighteen meeting with Chinese and foreign reporters to make a commitment. Let the people live better, but also the vision and goals of the deep restructuring. 1000 days, the central leading group for the comprehensive deepening of reform through consideration of the document, including the reform of the social livelihood of the documents on up to 47 copies of the 151. Pockets bulging, social security net up, things no longer boduantui, people gain a sense of "more and more strong. Economic restructuring, focusing on supply side structural reforms. The development and reform ". Reform to create the activation of resources, improve the efficiency of the use of resources to achieve optimal allocation of resources, enhance economic development vitality and stamina, has become China’s largest dividend. The economy is facing downward pressure situation, the deep restructuring of the central deployment and vigorously promote the supply side structural reform, the first half of this year the economy will achieve 6.7% growth, the economic structure has been optimized in the transformation and upgrading, the full depth of reform in China has played in promoting economic and social development of jiangyin. Strictly, to create a politically beautiful scenery. We must first rule of the party, strictly administering the party. General secretary Xi Jinping stressed the importance of strictly: "our responsibility is to work with all the comrades in the party must manage the party strictly, and effectively solve the outstanding problems of their own existence". In the past three years, focusing strictly deep restructuring of the core issue, and constantly improve the power restriction and supervision system, focus on power truss cage, enhance the scientific construction of anti-corruption level to rigid system and the rule of law, the party and government to take on an altogether new aspect. Rule of law, so that the people feel justice. Those who serve the law is strong, strong, weak and weak. The rule of law is not only the contents of the reorganization of the previous meetings are involved, but also the most talked about topics. Such as promoting the revision of "criminal law", "air pollution prevention law", the introduction of "People’s Republic of China Anti Terrorism Law" and the forthcoming "network security law", to reinforce the power of governing the country according to law. Issued "implementation outline of construction of government by law (2015-2020)" is the "rule of law" press the fast forward button, so that the people truly feel fairness and justice. Ecological governance, beautiful scenery is jinshanyinshan. Good ecological environment is the most equitable public goods, is the most inclusive of people’s livelihood. With the development of economy and society and the improvement of living standards, enjoy the good ecology相关的主题文章: