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Press-Releases FARMINGTON, CT – Premier dentist in Farmington, Dr. Ellie Dikegoros, invites patients to refer friends and family members to her practice to receive exceptional dental health care. By offering referrals, patients can receive $75 off whitening for an improved smile. New patients that were referred by a current patient can also receive this same special. "We strive to build on the excellent rapport we have developed with our patients and we are honored when one of our patients refers another to our practice. To show our appreciation we are offering teeth whitening at $75 off when our patients refer another patient to our practice. This special even extends to the new patient, as well. We want to take care of our patients and thank them for recommending our practice," said Dr. Ellie Dikegoros, Farmington dentist. Dr. Ellie Dikegoros takes patient referrals as a great compliment and an affirmation that her patients feel secure and comfortable with her dental health care team. Patient referrals have shown that patients entrust her office with the care of family, friends, and colleagues. Dr. Dikegoros, dentist in Farmington, CT, brings years of experience to the dental field specializing in most phases of dentistry. At her office, Dr. Dikegoros strives to remain committed to treating patients exactly how she would like to be treated if she were a patient. Dr. Dikegoros, Farmington, CT dentist, provides quality dental treatment that is only in the best interest of the patients, while ensuring patient comfort and focusing on alleviating patient’s dental fears. "The referrals are further proof that we are doing a great job for our patients and their families. With our continuing education and leading-edge technology, procedures and materials we are happy to be considered a top choice for our patients," said Dr. Ellie Dikegoros, cosmetic dentist in Farmington. From teeth whitening to straightening, patients can turn to Dr. Ellie Dikegoros, family dentist in Farmington, for all of their dental needs. Further proof of Dr. Dikegoros’ constant commitment to providing patients with exceptional care can be seen through the availability of $75 off a whitening treatment for both the new patient and the current patient that offered the referral. Through this special, patients can smile bigger and brighter without breaking their budget this season. About Ellie Dikegoros DMD Family Dental: Dr. Ellie Dikegoros has been in practice since 2002, but recently purchased her current practice in January 2012. As a solo practitioner, Dr. Dikegoros is currently accepting new patients and emergency patients during regular office hours. She provides comprehensive treatment planning and uses restorative and cosmetic dentistry to achieve her patients’ optimal dental health. Dr. Dikegoros and her team of dental professionals are dedicated to providing patients with excellent, personalized care to make each visit as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Dr. Dikegoros works to build a foundation of trust by treating patients as special people, which is crucial to their success as an office. Media Contact: Dr. Ellie Dikegoros [email protected] [dot]com 771 Farmington Ave. Farmington, CT 06032 (860) 677-2226 ..drellied[dot]. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: