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Careers-Employment The Generation X baby boomers and the tech-savvy Generation Y disparities in today"s time are expected. The Generation X are stated to be "members of the generation of people born between the mid-1960s and the mid-1970s who are highly educated and underemployed, reject consumer culture, and have modest hope for the future" (Dictionary.com). While the difference is great the future is the Generation Y. The Generation Y who are also called Millennials are stated to be "members of the generation of people born since the early 1980s who are seen as being discerning consumers with a high disposable income" (Dictionay.com). With a 20 year gap and an ever revolutionary and evolving world there are differences. The Generation X are the Baby Boomers. As expected, a small number of complexities have been recognized as critical while one considers the breach in technology use between adults over the age of 50 in a broad-spectrum. According to Senior Watch, "a European Union organization that monitors the needs and market for older citizens reports that 48% of citizens older than 50 agree with the statement "I"m too old to familiarize myself with computer" (Suite101.com). The grounds for this announcement are that older citizens believe that PC functions are excessively difficult to learn. Ideally the Gen X relies heavily on the extensive career experience and hands on work that determines their knowledge in their prospective Career fields. So technology may not always be the solution to the problem in their eyes. James Baldwin once stated, "The greatest significance of the present student generation is that it is through them that the point of view of the subjugated is finally and inexorably being expressed" (dictionary.com). In simpler terms, the future is conquered and through future generations will inevitably be spoken through them. The distinct most significant divergence between Gen Y and other generations is their familiarity with technology. Generation Y dives into computers and digital media projects like no other. Generation Y seeks technology to improve the value of every aspect of their lives whether it is to make employment simple, or to allow them to have efficient control over time and to bring relationships and contacts closer. In a recent finance Yahoo article titled Make Way for Generation Y it states that "90% of Gen Yers over the age of 18 use the Internet. 75% use social networking "" Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. 60% of them access the Web wirelessly while on the go. 83% keep their cell phones nearby, day and night, awake or sleeping. Two-fifths don"t even have a land line" (finance.yahoo.com). Technology is the motor that keeps their lives going. Technology is continuously changing and can always be improved. In addition to being tech savvy, the Generation Y is well educated and is continuously in looks to pursue higher education. It is also stated that "One in five Millennials over the age of 18 have already graduated from college; one fourth of them are working on graduate degrees" (finance.yahoo.com). Gen Yers are on the way out due all preceding age brackets. The Generation X has undoubtedly aligned the way for the future generations. Their fast contact with humankind, for many from beginning to end a bolt""input of their infancy, has made them ingenious, and meticulous. This in turn has lead to effectively meet obligations and take employment seriously. According to Tammy Erickson states in her blog "Why Generation X has the Leaders We Need Now", important factors that make the Generation X such valuable leaders are "self reliance, awareness of global issues, entrepreneurial achievements, and pragmatism" (blogs.hbr.org). Tammy primarily points out the lifelong factors encountered in each stage of the Generation X that has made them dependable, conscious of worldwide events, their commercial status, and their practicality. All of these factors have led up to the today"s accomplishments and innovations. As for the Generation Y, even though technology runs through their veins, there is some work to be done. It is no question that in terms of technology the Gen Yers have every other generation beat and look forward create many more innovations in the next years to come. In regards to work etiquette, some of the younger Millenials may need some coaching and work etiquette instilled. From a young age being instilled to be thought of as unique and look for self expressive ways, some may not be accurate or respectful. Some examples are texting with clients, co-workers or employers; this may be the fastest way of communication but it may not always be the most appropriate and clear form. Also most forms of attire are not being taken seriously in the work place. Also the Generation Y is seen as more of a risk taker, as opposed to the Generation X. In conclusion The Generation X and the Generation Y come across the biggest difference in terms of technology. Technology is the leading way to evolve everyday ways. Technology changes in the blink of an eye from new to "improved". With technology changing this fast, the Generation Y may forget sometimes where the original ideas came from and its form of recognition. The Generation X has done a great deal of work to form the work industry in every aspect and department possible to exist today. Even though the future lies in the hands of the Millenials who strive to be more and more technologically aware, there is some coaching needed in proper work etiquette to be instilled to completely finish the puzzle. That etiquette can only be run down through the generation X. -Adriana Murillo "" IT Search Executive at Ashley Ellis .ashleyellis../adriana-murillo About the Author: 相关的主题文章: