Do not look at the embarrassing situation the heart of the younger generation of Japanese occupied

Do not look at the embarrassing situation: the younger generation of Japanese heart was occupied by VR objectively we in Japan a very deep impression, is the abnormal development of sexual culture industry, and also because of this, they treat VR adult games at this stage of the investment is quite heavy. But at the same time, the Japanese government is very worried about this trend, the younger generation will lose the most basic intimacy. For a country, is this good or bad? (Note: This article reprinted from the network, do not represent the views of  ); according to the investigation the Japanese government recently made, more and more Japanese adults live a loveless and asexual life. Among them, 44% women aged 18-34 revealed that he is a virgin, 42% of men that age is a virgin. (acts such as airplanes). British "times" has also reported that Japan every 5 years to do a survey, the survey asked a total of 5300 men aged between 18-34 single men and women. Although more than 80% of the respondents are willing to want to get married, but many people are still single, and no experience, some people even said that he had never seen a naked. It is hard to imagine that the AV industry is so developed Even more frightening is that this phenomenon seems to be more and more serious, Japanese researchers said, it seems that a generation of Japanese people have lost the ability to close with people. There are many reasons for this phenomenon. First of all, the lack of support for professional women and working mothers in Japan has led to the fact that women have to choose between career and family two. Secondly, the Japanese education also emphasize the "negative effect", such as pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, people talking about sex (a point with the situation of China’s education in particular). After the left, it is the rise of online pornography, many young people would rather seek comfort online, and give up the actual life of people. Japan’s VR experience is one of the largest countries in the world, and it is even more so in VR’s adult industry, so the most popular VR in Japan is not an adult VR? Recently, the Japanese media in order to analyze the main use of VR equipment to start with, the most popular VR experience survey". Considering the main user groups VR, Japanese reporters randomly selected men between the ages of 20-30 interviews, but the final result is different with our inherent impression, VR adult content highest ticket is not known, the following is the results of this survey ranked (top ten): 1. To travel around the world at home will be able to. Second, can use VR technology to pick up objects in the virtual world and observe. Third, the real shock virtual experience lovemaking. Fourth, you can go shopping in the same way as in reality. Fifth, you can experience more realistic human-computer interaction in the game. Sixth, through the protagonist’s first perspective to see VR movies. Seventh, immersive experience.相关的主题文章: