Domestic refrigerator for the first time in five years, the price of small brands or eliminated mia farrow

Domestic refrigerator for the first time in five years to raise the price of small brands or be out of the author: Chen Wei from 2012 onwards, the price has been stumble endlessly refrigerator, will usher in the overall price increase next year. Recently, a refrigerator company announced the price adjustment notice sparked heated debate, price adjustment notice that the reason for the rise in prices of raw materials is a substantial increase in prices of refrigerators. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters in an interview with the mainstream refrigerator enterprises, also confirmed the news. Experts pointed out that the refrigerator prices behind the trend of the industry to highlight the transformation and upgrading, relying solely on the price war of the enterprise will be eliminated in the shuffle. According to the "price adjustment notice" shows that the main reason for rising prices is the rise in raw material costs. The foaming material, thermal insulation material of the refrigerator black material rose more than 100% to 21 thousand yuan per ton, or more than 30% white material, copper rose more than 20% above. After the superposition of the final rise far beyond the scope of the enterprise can withstand. The so-called black and white material, is commonly known as polyurethane foam industry. Vice President Omar Yao Youjun also pointed out that the Beijing daily in an interview with reporters, the past one or two months, the refrigerator raw material price increases very fast, especially the foaming material (black material, white material), and steel prices also improved, there are still some pressure on the refrigerator production cost. Next year, the entire refrigerator industry raw material costs are rising. As to whether it will directly drive the price of the terminal refrigerator products, Yao Youjun said, it depends on the specific product models and series. Industry observers Hong Shibin believes that the enterprise is mainly based on two considerations, one is ahead of the news release, in order to pave the way for next year’s prices, on the other hand, in order to release the pressure of business in recent years, the refrigerator industry sales continue to decline, enterprise profitability will continue to decline, many enterprises are therefore forced. According to one industry sources, the refrigerator industry since the 2008 financial crisis, reached a low point in 2009 prices, then because of the rising prices of raw materials, after the price rise, from the beginning of 2012, the refrigerator prices continue dropping, until now. According to the latest data show that just the past eleven during the National Day (September 26th -10 month, 2 natural week), contrary to the refrigerator online and offline, online steady growth, down the line. Prices, the refrigerator showed a double line decline trend. From the category view, whether it is two door, three door refrigerator, or hot on the door, refrigerators, prices have decreased in varying degrees. Behind the downturn in the market, in fact, the refrigerator industry is also quietly changing institutions. According to the Jingdong home data show that from 2014 to 2016 on the refrigerator door ratio increased from 14% to 22%, refrigerators increased from 3% to 13%. In addition, the proportion of smart refrigerator also rose from 0 to 10.5%. The refrigerator industry is developing towards large capacity and intelligence. Some industry experts say, at present, is to open the door, door, air, frequency and other smart refrigerator popular the market, change and upgrading of consumption, the young generation of the main force in the consumer consumption ability and consumption concept have.相关的主题文章: