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Eat the head is not equal to the poison food channel — original title: eat the head does not mean eating poison (Health Times reporter Zheng Xinying) Bread Soaked in Fish Head Soup, duojiaoyutou…… Think of these will slobber delicious, has been circulating a statement, "the head is the most part of the mercury accumulation in fish, eat fish to eat poison!" is it true? A professor at the China Agricultural University College of food he Jiguo does not agree, he said "eat the head is equivalent to eating poison" is not correct. Under normal circumstances, the fish itself is non-toxic, it is safe to eat. Once the head of mercury and other toxins, is due to environmental pollution or the breeding process of the added ingredients caused by bad. If the culture environment is not polluted, the fish will not have poison damage, and the polluted aquaculture environment, often with long-term heavy metal pollutants, heavy metals and easy to combine with lipid, lipid content of fish compared to other parts of the brain are easier to be higher, the methyl mercury accumulation of lipophilic toxins. "If water or inshore fishing environment is well controlled, most will not appear fish mercury toxin", Shanghai Nutrition Association, Shanghai Ocean University Food Institute Professor Tao Ningping introduction, due to differences in fish size, varieties, breeding environment, fish head by the accumulation of toxin levels are not the same. In the wild, carnivorous fish at the top because after the "big fish eat small fish eat small shrimp" biomagnification in fish when passing absorb pollutants in the body, leading to the accumulation of pollutant toxin content than other fish is high, and there are many edible farmed freshwater fish, general do not experience biological amplification, don’t worry. Moreover, he Jiguo emphasizes, the head will see a food poisoning at two degree exceed the standard, the frequency of eating. China national standard GB2762-2012 "national food safety standards of food contaminants in aquatic animal and its products" Provisions (with the exception of carnivorous fish and its products) limited value of heavy metals in methylmercury was 0.5mg kg, under this standard, according to the normal intake of qualified fish is not up to the damage dose. Dose determination of toxicity and the human body has a certain degree of protection and regulation of mercury toxicity, as long as you do not continue to eat high mercury food, does not cause health risks. Tao Ningping added that the enrichment ability of different foods on mercury, without fear and simply do not eat fish, the fish has high nutritional value, to promote children’s neurodevelopment benefit should be selective to eat fish. But the head of purine content was higher in patients with gout to control consumption. (commissioning editor Xu Xiaohua and Zhao Jinghan)相关的主题文章: