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The elephant ten years dropped nearly one hundred thousand kinds of animal head or face extinction this article source: CCTV news, the International Fund for animal welfare this month 24 days, 12 days of the seventeenth session of the "international trade in endangered species Convention" conference of the parties (CITES CoP 17) held in Johannesburg in South africa. This is the Convention on the history of the largest conference of the parties, representatives of the parties at the meeting called on the continued protection of endangered wildlife. The data figure: British held a funeral for an elephant called for a ban on ivory trade Chinese for visual poaching ivory trade dropped as the number of wild animal in the elephant population statistic the most authoritative agency, headquartered in Switzerland, the International Union for conservation of nature 25 released the report, in Africa for the study area from the decline in the number of African elephants 500 thousand 2006 to 415 thousand, ten years the number of elephants dropped by 20%, is mainly caused by large-scale Ivory poaching caused by, and it is difficult to predict the number of elephants outside the region. A map: Shijiazhuang customs 2016 largest Ivory smuggling case of visual China report pointed out that in some countries to reduce the number of elephants is even more alarming, such as Tanzania, as a wild animal of the country is heavily dependent on tourism, and compared the elephant population in its territory in 2006, a decrease of 60%. According to the International Union for conservation of nature, the continued poaching of ivory trade is the main cause of the decline in the number of elephants in africa. The data figure: China’s first public destruction of 6.1 tons of ivory ivory trading means Chinese vision due to the death of the elephant ivory 13 is located in the elephant skull, to get the full Ivory poachers will take most of the elephant head cut off. This means that the ivory, at the same time, announced the elephant’s death. In April, Kenya fired 105 tons of ivory and more than 1 tons of rhino horns. They came from about 8000 elephants and a total of more than 343 rhinos. The deployment of the Ranger combat poaching to combat poaching of African elephants, many African countries within the nature reserve by the Rangers to combat poaching. Such as the Kruger National Park in South Africa is not only a Ranger ground patrol and surveillance helicopters in the air patrol. But even so, in Kruger National Park, nearly 40 elephants have been killed this year. In September 23rd, the Rangers patrol, found a bullet hit the head of the elephant body, at the same time, Rangers found in cleaning up the scene, the elephant ivory still. "For some reason, they may not have been able to keep up with the elephants before they died, and it was hard for them to catch up, so I think their plans were disrupted." Kruger National Park police Van Damais Vee concluded. According to the International Fund for animal welfare (IFAW) said that although the public voice and many positive international actions continue to force people to pay attention to the elephant poaching crisis, however, and the illegal ivory trade continues to upgrade. Therefore, IFAW supports the strengthening of the elephant Paul Kay相关的主题文章: