Erickson Sco because of the wound will be missing in the war Suning offseason is fully ready-winsockfix

Erickson: Shi Ke injury will lack of war Suning offseason is fully ready Erickson attended the press conference of sina sports news Beijing time on October 15th, after the end of the short League intermittent period, in the twenty-seventh round of fighting, Shanghai port will be away in Jiangsu suning. This afternoon, the Hong Kong team arrived in Nanjing Olympic Sports Center to adapt to the venue before the training, before the start of training, the Hong Kong team coach Erickson and Cai Huikang attended the press conference. For the preparation of a war tomorrow, Hong Kong boss Erickson said: "good afternoon, about this game, we prepared well before, has experienced a long period of time the offseason, the end of a league after not playing, we are looking forward to the game tomorrow, several national team players just yesterday again, the card has the wound, Shi Ke also injured, others have no problem, we look forward to tomorrow to play a good game." Follow the coach with Cai Huikang attended the press conference before the game for a war tomorrow said frankly: "I just got back yesterday, the body is tired, for the players to overcome, it will be hard, Suning ranked second, the overall strength is also very strong, as we still do yourself, to get AFC Champions League qualification." When asked during the offseason, hulk and El Eriksson also conducted additional training, coaches think, what effect the Erickson said: "in a long offseason, all of our players are training very hard, whether it is physical or mental outlook is very good. I don’t have anything to complain about, they take their work seriously, I am satisfied with their performance, everything is very good." (tiger)相关的主题文章: