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Pets Infectious hepatitis is a condition that is very contagious. The virus that causes the disease can easily cause problems with the spleen, liver, lungs, kidneys, and eyes. Canines of any age can be infected by this virus, but it usually targets weaker dogs that are less than a year old. Vaccination routines typically prevent domesticated dogs from developing it. Wild dogs can easily be affected by it though. You should know that the adenovirus type 1 is repsonsible for causing hepatitis. Infected animals can transmit the disease through feces, saliva, and urine. Dogs shedding the virus will likely continue to do so for months. One of the main signs of this condition is the development of a fever. The nose and eyes may also produce a discharge. Dogs battling this virus will .monly experience abdominal pain and vomiting too. Hepatitis is a condition that can also cause problems in regards to blood clotting. If you notice your dog bleeding around his teeth, it is likely because of spontaneous hematomas. Dogs will start urinating much more frequently because they will start drinking much more water than they typically do. Sometimes, the stool may appear to be lighter than usual. Another .mon problem is the development of swollen lymph nodes. Appetite loss, seizures, and jaundice are other .mon signs. In order to diagnose the disease, vets have to get a .plete medical history as well as conduct a thorough physical exam. Blood samples can also be examined to help find either the virus or antibodies to the virus. Signs of liver disease or the presence of fewer white blood cells are other problems that occur because of hepatitis. Your dog may also have to submit to an x-ray or urinalysis. There’s no way to fight the virus that causes hepatitis, so dogs will be given supportive care. Dogs are .monly given IV fluids so they don’t be.e dehydrated. Antibiotics will also be useful in preventing secondary bacterial infections. If your dog starts losing a considerable amount of blood because of the disease, then he may need a blood transfusion. To help with the onset of eye pain or light sensitivity, other medications may be given. In order to keep your dog from getting hepatitis, it is best to get him vaccinated. The virus that causes it is very, very hearty. It doesn’t need a host in order to survive in the environment for a few months. You also won’t be able to use standard detergents or solvents to get rid of it, but .mon household bleach should get the job done. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: