Expert it is recommended to change the non normal petition for illegal petition – Sohu news lata-01

Expert: the proposed "non normal petition" for "illegal petition" – Sohu news in August 27th, "national governance and the reform forum held in Nanjing, vice president of Jiangsu Academy of Social Sciences Liu Wanghong suggested that the abolition of the" non normal petition "and" Beijing non normal petition "concept, the establishment of" illegal petition "and" illegal Beijing "concept, clear the non normal petition to Beijing and non normal petition behavior as illegal petition behavior. This forum is jointly organized by the media center, Zijin petition and the social contradictions of Nanjing University social risk and public crisis management research center, the field of letters from all over the country more than 40 leading academics and experts. "The third power" crack "the miscellaneous case at present, many experts and scholars put forward and implemented in some provinces and cities the reform measures, the important point is that the introduction of" third party intervention to resolve the contradiction ", is one of the key topics of this forum discussion. Surging news () learned that the third parties involved in the settlement of the contradiction between letters and visits model was founded in Nanjing, and now has been used by many provinces and municipalities petition agencies, many of the letters and visits to solve the difficult case". Nanjing municipal Party committee deputy secretary general, director of the Complaints Bureau Kong Xiangyong said at the meeting, in April 2011, Nanjing creatively established the petition work expert think-tank, aims to introduce the third party power, play many experts in the fields of wisdom and expertise of handling difficult prominent letters. In 2013, the transformation of the think tank for the work of the association of experts think tank, the Civil Affairs Department was established to become a formal third party social organization. In addition, the petition system legislation was included in the 2016 legislative plan of the State Council, the petition of the rule of law has become the most talked about by the experts and letters and visits workers. Many experts pointed out that in 1995 by the State Council, revised in 2005, the petition Ordinance is only administrative regulations, in the implementation of many problems facing. Scholars: petition system and institutional functions of the Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Social Sciences vice president Liu Wanghong pointed out that, at present, the petition system and the petition institution functions exist to a certain degree of dislocation. The petition system is not a system to solve the problem in essence, but the system of giving and protecting the people to the government through various forms." Liu Wanghong said, but in recent years, the petition system gradually evolved in some areas to replace the government and its functional departments to solve the petition system directly, which led to the increasing pressure on the petition departments. Liu Wanghong also believes that the urgent need to reform the petition mechanism. At present Beijing visit to local government pressure and administrative costs, which have a great relationship with the petition work mechanism is not scientific and economic. "In order to reduce the number of non Beijing around the visit, to take various forms to prevent non people visit to Beijing, or take various forms of restrictions visit people of liberty, back after breaking the law bottom line sometimes have to meet the demands of people visit the unreasonable and illegal." Liu Wanghong also mentioned, where a large number of people liberating long-term Beijing, liberating the huge fiscal cost is also a problem. Liu Wanghong.相关的主题文章: