Exploring the Guangfulin site park Tibet Songjiang local delicacy (video)-aptana studio

Songjiang local delicious ten years of grinding sword quest Guangfulin site park Guangfulin site park "Tibet", in the end what was officially unveiled? This is a lot of people waiting for tourists. But in fact, the depths of the "hidden" Park Guangfulin restaurant, is already open. Some familiar doorway of the Songjiang native to the local taste delicious at the same time, can also be the latest progress in the way of "peep" a Guangfulin site park. As the only inside the park restaurant, Guangfulin restaurant is in fact and the ruins park together. This is not only reflected in the external style, but also reflected in the temperament. It is located next to the temple is also known, is an antique loft, next to the archway, and screen wall etc.. If it’s not a shop, you can’t find it. Looks very elegant restaurant, hit the local cuisine is Songjiang. Whether it is the choice of ingredients, or cooking methods, pay attention to the local food culture in Songjiang mining and inheritance. It is said that as far as possible in order to show the most authentic local burn, the boss repeatedly invited Sheshan, new and old bang, hand "inspiration" store young chef. Four gill perch is a well-known specialty of Songjiang, but not much to eat people. Here, when the waiter for each end of a cup of carp pond custard, but people can not help wondering whether the point of the four gill perch. Because of this, the size and shape of the carp pond, and four gill perch looks very similar, and delicious cooking methods and also no less, but the price is close to the people. Carp pond carp pond custard smallish, soup all into the custard, well below the heat gently, how to eat a "fresh" word. "This is the wild carp pond, four gill perch kin. We have eaten, is a memorable childhood delicious, but now, in the market can not buy basic wild carp pond." Boss Xu Caiping told reporters that the shop is a small carp pond, Kunshan fish farmers direct delivery, daily supply is not determined, much less, sometimes not, each only about one or two, size, whole body black, to see that this is a wild river growth. A tempting red meat, is strongly recommended by the chef Liu shop. He said, this is the new teacher to teach Bang specialty, but in color, more elegant and some knife. The 2 pounds of chunks of pork, looks spectacular, but it is not to eat greasy surface, Pete don’t tender, a bit sticky mouth, but that is the entrance, sweet and spicy, let people taste a bit more imperceptibly. It is said that the chef is the selection of Songjiang local ecological breeding of pine meat, and must be five layers of meat, red and white. In cooking, the first steam burning law, to make it fully out of oil, to eat, it’s not what oil; then add their modulation of sauces, with two small fire to simmer for hours, so that the full flavor. On the table, a large red meat is cut into nine pieces, suddenly smell. This dish hits 90%. A thousand thousand island lake and lake bream bream, is the Sheshan teacher to teach, each table will point. The chef used big bream, every day sent directly by the Qiandao Lake base, basically in each)相关的主题文章: