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.munications Theft has be.e a major concern for many homemakers and businesses. With the help of these surveillance camera system one can deter these crimes. They are highly versatile and act as useful security solutions offering valuable protection. Before purchasing such systems one need to have a .plete idea about the features. The camera system is a sensible purchase. Four options in the form of features, record and view options, Ease of use and Support, determine the merit of the system. Camera’s available are highly flexible starting from the smallest dome cameras to the recent sophisticated camera’s. Features like incorporating color along the basic black and white recording are a must. LED’s emitting infrared should be available for vision monitoring. Selective recording should be available with the help of motion sensors. Wi-Fi camera with high resolution is required for better picture quality. This will help one to identify the critical aspect of the record. A surveillance camera system must have a featured digital video recorder. The quality of the recording system is to be measured by the .pressing capacities and the capacity of the drive. The method of viewing the record is equally important. Connection to TV’s or some other VGA connectors should be present to view those footages. Network based transfer fees are also available with the option to view the footages via internet streaming. The operation of the camera should be easy and can be set up with ease. A well documented manual should be there to guide people about installing the secret camera in homes or offices. Last and for most is the help and support the manufacturer is providing after purchase. The malfunctions need to be taken care of by the manufacturer. Options like live chat are boon to the system. Crestron is considered to be a worldwide manufacturer of control systems and automation technology based products. They are the inventors of the first touch screen AV product solutions. Crestron control system products are available in wireless; tabletop and wall mount models and feature HD display, embedded application and wireless technology. These designs provide total control for automations in business and education sectors. The Crestron control system can be used in conference rooms, classrooms, and with training facilities. They act as central devices allowing to establish or built a network for security and operation centers. The camera controlled devices from Crestron has tactile remote zoom with lens control fro prcised operations. They are ideal for stadiums or for a wide campus. These systems can have a single touch control panel. The single control panel is used in presentations where the cooling can be increased with dimming the lights. The screens can be adjusted with sound volumes. Creston has home automation systems as well designed to operate all the electrical switches under one system. Control modules and templates for the touch panels are available externally. One can buy the templates for decorative purpose. The main purpose of these systems is to make one take control of everything from a single chair. About the Author: By: Gloria Philips – Android continues to be number 1 option for many users. However, Android data loss also appears to be a far more .mon issue than before. Most of the Android users are troubled when they had deleted photos an … By: vikram kumar – Security cannot be .promised. Security is used to protect people or anything because it is valuable. Aside from the people we elect or hire as security personnel such as in an establishment, or someone who w … By: vikram kumar – Segways can be considered as one of the best inventions in the world at all time. With its usage as transportation, it makes life easier. 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