First, to meet the baby’s arrival in advance – Sohu maternal and child plants war

Prepare a welcome the arrival of baby, mother and child 1, Sohu in the pediatrician when the baby was born, there may be some check, or you will have to take care of the baby to consult. Therefore. Choose a suitable pediatrician, close to home is the best. Confirm, confirm their medical insurance medical insurance, which claims the project can conceive of production, and pay attention to the new medical insurance coverage for the future can help darling. Prepare baby products before production. Your baby’s arrival means that you will need a lot of baby products, ready to use the baby will be used, such as clothing, diapers, baby beds, toiletries and bottles, etc.. Mommy, buy products after the baby is born, you will need some production and lactation related activities, such as underwear, shirt, maternal lactation, nursing pad pad, corset belt etc.. Looking for a nanny after the baby is born, if you want to stay at home to take care of him is the best, but if you need to return to work, you must find a suitable nanny, family or professional nanny can. The distribution of work post production, you must be in confinement, the rest of the state, therefore, who is responsible for housework, your diet who falls, baby who can help take care of, it is time for the whole family. 7, strengthen the relationship between husband and wife after the arrival of the baby, the relationship between your husband and wife will begin to have subtle changes, the three world is always no easier than the world of two people, free. Therefore, to strengthen the feelings of your partner and to meet the baby’s birth. Two, pregnant women should pay attention to matters, pay attention to production delivery signs in late pregnancy, be sure to pay attention to whether the production of signs, like water breaking, uterine pains, determined to enter the production process, it should immediately go to the hospital. 2, ready to hospital supplies because production may occur at any time, so it is best to be prepared in advance to produce all the related supplies, such as nursing supplies, baby supplies, etc.. If you are pregnant for the first time, you will be very nervous when you are facing the production. Therefore, we must keep calm, not because of pain or broken water on the hands and feet, overwhelmed. You may relieve pain, pain after suffering the first pre production, production of pregnant women, are likely to continue for more than 20 hours, so learn ways to relieve pain, help you through the throes.相关的主题文章: