Five sets of clothes do not have to worry about this autumn outfit template (video) 3344111

Five dress autumn outfit do not have to worry about a template to season won’t know what to wear, especially in this embarrassing season be neither hot nor cold heat, wear less wear and cold, coat, jacket, pants and trousers…… In the end how to wear? Don’t worry, Xiaobian to collect five Zhang Chao practical Street pictures, such as wearing no difference, you wear a fashionable and not embarrassing! [1] windbreaker jacket + + navel shorts in Summer Dew stomach small shorts don’t close up, outside with a long coat can continue to wear warm, do not delay the dew sexy, classic Khaki windbreaker very practical all-match, with almost any clothing collocation all have no sense of violation and profile the design of fashionable, warm colors, very elegant and generous. Irregular design tailored shorts more also increased the sense of layering, avoid becoming paperman embarrassment, and retro sunglasses and printing Strappy heels collocation, add fashionable breath. [2] small breasted suit + striped shirt + skirt slightly yellow camel should be autumn exclusive color, sweet taste is elegant, suit jacket a short paragraph, cutting lines, and capable, take in fresh and hot this year a striped shirt breasted A word skirt very lively take the age effect out, little MM can hold live in a dress. A lot of MM will feel suits, coats and other coats are too mature, in fact, not inside, some of the fresh and lively can be very good in this sense of maturity. [3] windbreaker + shirt + Shorts Shirt Shorts are common summer dress, fall on the outside with a thin section of the long coat can keep warm and can pose, the long version of the blue coat in the wind light dance, fluttering and moving, open to wear revealing slender legs, even small mushrooms cool completely don’t worry about it will be significantly shorter. Up hair smooth and clean, more tall. The wind a few hair flying add a little more messy beautiful. Like the autumn wind dancing in the blue butterfly, enjoy a good time in autumn. [4] shirt + skirt length short skirt is most suitable for early autumn, warm and sexy degree index is just perfect, but also suitable for various occasions. Tibet blue waist skirt collocation light blue shirt, fresh and natural, near the blue color collocation is more refreshing and the best collocation model for women in the workplace. Want to highlight some sense of hierarchy? On the shoulder is a sweater OK, casual sweater can erase a heavy sense of occupation, can make you look more taste more chic. Small black ankle boots is necessary early autumn pose a single product! Yang Mi Baby autumn explosion again swept the resolution "all" [5] from our clothing denim shirt + trousers + white printing T many woman may feel very good-looking but not printed pants to wear, do the collocation what kind of coat for fear of accidentally become aunt, never mind, denim shirt and the white T surely everyone has it, with these two pieces of pure single product with printed pants suddenly out of a small fresh, just to feel the autumn, spring is coming! Light blue and white collocation is the most fashionable activity in a single breath, not wearing a denim shirt but a coat more layered. Note down the upper body as far as possible to choose the color printing collocation oh!相关的主题文章: