Folk remedy to EVA cure a child’s mouth really the snake – the mother of Sohu

Folk remedy to EVA cure a child’s mouth really results the snake – Sohu Guangzhou boy Xiao Zheng mother because of toothache, facial swelling tortured, parents took him to the hospital. Originally thought to be a common dental caries, the results did not expect the doctor to complete the treatment of dental caries when the teeth were found in the discharge of pus, his gums are not discharged from the pus, but a few small insects! According to the parents, the local treatment of child toothache remedies is soil to catch a frog on the child’s mouth "bug", just before children tried, then cured, did not expect this to no matter, that come to see the doctor. While the doctors judge Xiao Zheng this attack is probably the frog parasite infected oral, suggested that parents don’t mess with the soil has not been scientifically proven remedies to treat the child. Children dental caries, it is what we usually say "decayed" is very common, not looking for a serious illness, but the growth of the children, dental caries will not only cause toothache affect eating, may also cause infectious diseases, and even affect the dental system development, caused by the deformity must be small, so pay attention to oral health care for children. A child with a long dental caries what are the 1 hazards affect facial development. Because of dental caries can cause toothache, so children may chew will not use the side of the teeth, a long time can cause facial asymmetry, side face side of the face, while the lack of chewing stimulation will affect the maxillofacial development caused by maxillofacial deformity. 2 cause other diseases. As the infection degree deepens, the child may be infected with other dental diseases, such as dental pulp tissue inflammatory disease, while bacterial infections to apical become diseased tissue, cause systemic infection caused by other diseases range, teeth, such as myocarditis, arthritis and other diseases. 3 affect children’s psychology. If the front teeth are decayed, the child will speak leakage, affect children’s normal pronunciation, coupled with the impact of appearance, some children may have a sense of inferiority, don’t love to talk more. How long, two children caries treatment depending on the severity, mild children may be treated with drugs, and mine caries therapy, more serious disease have defects can be filled with caries, fillings is what we say, more serious with material restoration, inlay the hole in the tooth. Parents need to be reminded that the child found teeth problems do not seriously, must be timely medical treatment, not to mess with the soil there is no scientific basis for the folk prescription. Three, how to prevent dental caries 1 correct brushing. Even infants should be small to clean his mouth, teach him to learn to use a toothbrush correctly, is not fully grown baby teeth, parents can use clean gauze dipped in water to give him clean. 2 healthy diet. Usually for the children to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, milk, strict control of sugar and sugary drinks he was. 3 correct bad habits. Some children eat hands, mouth breathing, licking lips, parents should promptly correct, so as not to affect the development of teeth and face. Pictures from the network to the doctor Dudu family to provide quality in the incubation period.相关的主题文章: