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Foreign media: in the control of British Premier League game against YanZha control reference news network September 17 news media said, a large number of recent Chinese funds into the Premier League team, caused the British authorities concerned. Radio France international website on September 12th citing Bloomberg News Agency reported that the British football authorities are tracing the source of these Chinese funds, in case someone play multiple team behind, resulting in a conflict of interest or even control results etc.. Reported that at least 4 of the shares by the Chinese team owned or accept the investment, such as the 13% Manchester City football club owner, is to have a stake in Shanghai Hongkong TVB Chinese cultural industry investment fund; West Bromwich Albion Football Club accepted Chinese businessman Lai Chuan 17 million 500 thousand pounds of funds; large shareholders Aston Villa Football Club is China Ryan Group founder Xia Jian, and Wolverhampton Rangers Football Club boss is a wholly owned China Fosun international consortium. The Premier League has expressly provided, single institution can not in more than one team, hold a significant share of the shares, to avoid the team "match-fixing" situation. However, Bloomberg News quoted informed sources said that the government Chinese often involved in the investment, plus China business records less transparency, so that the British authorities to ensure that the same gold master will not control more than one team when facing difficulties. Peng Bo news agency reported that Chinese companies have been in the past 9 months, the British football team invested more than $500 million (about 4 billion 400 million yuan), so that the value of the team continues to soar. But people familiar with the matter said Premier League officials have begun to worry that China may inadvertently make significant gains in a number of teams. Reported that the boss of Guangdong, Meizhou, Lai Lai, headed by the Chinese capital, has been in charge of the Premier League team Thib Bromwich. At that time, as a trading adviser Marcus Shadbolt said: "I am sure the premier wants to ensure that future transactions, will not lead to more than one team controlled by the same mechanism, including state-controlled investors." The Premier League spokesman admitted that he was considering a proposal by Chinese investors to buy Hull. According to earlier reports, Chinese businessman Dai Yongji and his sister, Dai Xiuli, intends to acquire the city of Hull. People familiar with the matter said the Premier League hired a company to investigate the details of potential buyers. Sources said that although this is just a standard procedure, but the background of the investigation took a longer time. Hull city has asked to speed up the progress of enterprise surveys, but officials refused their request. (Reference News Network) more exciting content welcome WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: