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"The sword" is hot forging broadcast Zheng Yitong has just turned the battlefield angel as well soft – Sohu Zheng Yitong entertainment entertainment Sohu other gentle intellectual cheongsam directed by Sun Xiaoguang, starring Wang Ou, Zheng Yitong partner Pu Bajia’s legendary war drama "forging the sword" is currently in eight sets of CCTV prime time hit, as the National Day tribute film series, aired so far since October 1st win, ratings, reputation double harvest. Zheng Yitong became a battlefield angel, plays Shen Peiqin, gentle and soft appearance with intellectual and wit, the role of the perfect characteristics of firm and gentle performance, won the audience favorite. TV drama "forging the sword" story is full of legendary actor, Yan, acting continuously online, add more point for the show, the launch date, high ratings in the TV channel CCTV, becoming the eleven golden week by the audience and attention of a drama. Zheng Yitong plays Shen Peiqin, the hidden identity is an underground worker turned angel in the battlefield threatened by growing crises revolutionary work, with the intellectual and struggle with the enemy with wit. In life Zheng Yitong looks sweet, soft spoken, but repeatedly challenge the individuality of contrasting roles, such as "goblin heroes" in gods, "the temptation to go home" in Hong Baolian, "loyalty invincible" in Yi Min, and just fixing the "beauty in" jacket "and so on." the role of "amorous feelings", each with its own characteristics. In the new "forging knife", played by Zheng Yitong Shen Peiqin with a rigid, uniform highlight heroic highlight the "just" side for gentle and sweet cheongsam, "soft" side of the show, it is also just as well soft, intellectual and wit are just perfect. Zheng Yitong and Pu Bajia are together for the first time, in the play there is a red romance, Zheng Yitong of the first cooperation partner has a very special evaluation, is "cute" word. Two people meet for the first time when the script around reading, first impression of Pu Bajia is very fashionable, Tibetan Mandarin pronunciation is very special, let Zheng Yitong think filming may therefore play a laugh, but shooting, make her heart admire, Pu Bajia lines is very good, shake off the burden idol, never posing. But a little bit funny, the role is very cute.相关的主题文章: