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Fu Yuanhui — not just to impress the world that "the power" – Beijing August 27th, swimmer Fu Yuanhui at a press conference to answer media questions. On the same day, the Rio Olympics Games in mainland elite delegation arrived in Hongkong held a press conference at the InterContinental Hotel in Hongkong to visit Thien LOC, travel, and interactive media. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Lu Binghui Xinhua news agency in Hongkong on August, 28 people: Fu Yuanhui — not just to impress the world that "the power" Xinhua News Agency reporters Li Yuchuan and the girls really fire! "The power" the word has spread to Hong kong. The Rio Olympics Olympic delegation visiting the mainland elite held the first press conference was called "the girl fans" swimming athlete Fu Yuanhui is undoubtedly a big hero. See, the beginning, she also has the convergence, but soon, the naive temperament will undoubtedly expose. At the beginning of the conference, the elite members of the delegation in. The reporters are looking for Fu Yuanhui…… Where are the people? Fu Yuanhui walked in on the tail, when the sharp eyed reporter found after the scene immediately sounded a camera flash sound. The Olympic Games in Rio Morphling, a powerful and unconstrained style girl low head in the conference final in a row, somewhat shy. Even so, many photographers still stretched the camera on the back of the "hiding" in "the girl" Fu Yuanhui. A foreign reporter quietly told reporters, Fu Yuanhui is very interesting, he likes the Chinese athletes, she loves to laugh, not so serious as other athletes." Indeed, this girl refresh the perception of overseas Chinese athletes. In the reporter’s questions, trying to low-key Fu Yuanhui ultimately failed. Hongkong local media four questions "the girl", and every time, when she was too shy to stand up straight and answer the question correctly, the scene is thunderous applause. With Hongkong media reporter for Fu Yuanhui, is full of love! Fu Yuanhui said, now, he was liked by the public is she dreamed of things, "like me, there will be so many people like me." This modest frankness sparked laughter scene. Mention of the "field", she was very happy every single word or phrase to say, just want to find a word to express her really has used up all the power in the body. And the explosion of red word is her unexpected. She stressed that the rest of the athletes are also very good, we are carrying forward, do not give up the spirit of sports. Hongkong reporters have wished her a happy trip. Fu Yuanhui said, for fun and delicious things, she is full of infinite fantasy and desire. Although the Hongkong tour has been looking forward to a long time, but the trip to Hongkong, she will not covet, because there are more important things to do. "That is, there is a better goal," she paused, I hope to be able to come here with the Hongkong people can have more exchanges." At the end of the conference, Fu Yuanhui is still in the team, but all the reporters gathered at the exit waiting to catch her smile. Remember a few days ago to participate in an event, before the door, the event organizers to each!相关的主题文章: