German enterprises customized luxury cruise for Chinese tourists the whole family together

German companies for China tourists customized luxury cruise: the whole family together out of reference news network August 28 daily moral media said, more and more Chinese choose to spend the vacation on a luxury cruise, Germany Rostock shipping company ADA cruise also try and win the favor of customers in China. Chinese people in the luxury cruise ship, with a different preference for Western tourists. According to Deutsche Welle website reported on August 24th, most choose to take a luxury cruise ship for short haul travel is Chinese, and Chinese is the most important of the Asian market customers, the number of short cruise starting from the China port has increased 83% in the past year. For China’s new middle class, their requirements are: travel time is short, but also to the whole family together. The world’s largest cruise companies – American joint venture Carnival Corp subsidiary in Germany are now interested in the Chinese ADA cruise shot. The company is headquartered in Rostock, Idaho plans to invest a cruise ship next year, specifically for the China route, reason is the number of passengers to take a luxury cruise ship in Asia has increased: in 2015 the total passenger traffic rose 24% over the previous year, up to 2 million 80 thousand people. And 1 million of them are from China, and the number is rising. In 2015, a total of 60 luxury cruise ships operating in Asia, which grew by more than in 2014 of 15%. International Cruise Association (Clia) is expected in the year, luxury cruise new passenger capacity will reach about 3 million 200 thousand people. Reported that the global shipping companies are now competing for business in Asia, especially Chinese tourists. In order to attract them, the operating company must transform the cruise ship. These changes include not only generally reduce the travel time to adapt to the needs of Asian tourists, but also let the boat into the Asian style, make only superficial changes, at least in each room is prepared for the guests on slippers. Unlike western tourists, Chinese not love in the wooden floor or carpet is only barefoot or wear socks to walk, they used to wear slippers at home. In order to achieve the "Guests feel at home." realm, even at the cost of increasing operators, and Chinese are willing to pay the high price to enjoy the luxury cruise service. "In China, there is no difficulty in achieving a 40% to 50% growth rate," said Finn, general manager of Royal Caribbean International Cruises, which introduced the company’s results for the second quarter. Headquartered in the United States of the Royal Caribbean company also operating in Asia cruise line, not only for their Asian customers gambling facilities and shopping shops added in the ship, but also the original American fast-food hamburger shop to "Kung Fu Panda noodle on the deck, in order to set up a statue of the panda statue, the company even at a cost of $4 million 500 thousand. Nevertheless, competitors are also the world’s largest luxury cruise ship not resigned to playing second fiddle, operators in the carnival this year only China capacity increased by 60%, and plans to increase 30%. There are already six cruise ships docked in China’s port. The future of this number will be doubled: just to increase three in 2020 this year, even before 8相关的主题文章: