Germany’s ruling party is willing to let go sister Merkel’s re-election next year – International –

Germany’s ruling party is willing to "let go" sister Merkel’s re-election next year – International – since last year has been the outbreak of refugee crisis and leadership of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU contradiction sister party CSU 22 days continuously finally in Merkel for re-election next year for the first time on the prime minister to relent, expressed its willingness to seek re-election endorsement. Vice chairman of the CSU Manfred? Weber day to the German "Der Spiegel" online said: "Merkel is our Angela? (Alliance Party) candidate for prime minister, this can be said without doubt." So far, has been re elected three prime minister Merkel has not yet made it clear that the pursuit of his fourth term. The party endorsed Merkel’s re-election decision, Manfred? Webb stressed that his hope whether or Merkel will "CSU quickly make a statement". After World War II, the Federal Republic of Germany formed its unique political structure. By the Bavaria governor Zejov led CSU (CSU) campaign was restricted to the state of Bavaria, Merkel led the CDU (CDU) just outside of Bavaria state, a bipartisan coalition party (Union), and long-term and the other smaller political parties in the ruling coalition. Click to the next page click to the next page according to German media reported earlier, Zejov had long on refugees and Merkel with a countermeasure, has also been considered in the CSU must ultimately support Merkel. However, the two parties in the past year "the knot — quarrel between brothers" refugee ceiling — remains unsolved. German TV station said, hoping to set the annual CSU can only receive a maximum of 200 thousand refugees "ceiling", at this point can not reach a consensus with the cdu. Bavaria station is the first wave of refugees from the land into Germany, the state is trying to pass a new bill into, to separate the refugee policy tightening. 22, 2009, the bill in Munich sparked thousands of protests. At the beginning of November will be held in the CSU, according to the Convention, as the sister party leader Merkel should attend the meeting. However, Merkel has yet to receive a formal invitation. German media analysis, Hof is worried when Merkel Ze ill intent". Nevertheless, Ze Hof 22, "Der Spiegel" said online, and Merkel has to try to narrow the upper limit of refugees around the dispute, "in the past few weeks, our views on many points have been close, if there are further differences, that is we can afford." According to a October 21 poll, 33% of German voters to support the coalition, a coalition of the SPD support rate of 22%. In addition, the current president of the European Parliament, Martin Schultz in the polls? "Prime minister candidate" support rate than SPD chairman, Deputy Prime Minister of Germany Gabriel, reached 34%. (commissioning editor: Li Xuefeng (Intern), Wang Jiquan)相关的主题文章: