Google pixel poor assessment of the emergence of apple Tucao no competitiveness ca1477

Google Pixel bad apple Tucao: uncompetitive emerged this week, Google’s new "Prince" Pixel dismantling cost exposure, starting price and iPhone 7 as it actually cost is almost two times more expensive than millet 5S. For this section only after some shell design innovative general Android mobile phone, to make the world a surprise. Google’s new "Prince" of the Pixel was also a lot of foreign media praise brush list in the first evaluation, some evaluation division long time experience also began to find some slots, such as camera mode, no professional IP53 is not very good, can not afford such expensive waterproof lining. According to Sina America reporter Zheng Jun broke micro-blog said screenshots of a true story, after Google released the Pixel, Apple’s engineering team for the first time to buy back, and everyone is in a good mood. This phone is not only unable to challenge apple, but also can not match the price, in fact, the level of $Nexus 400-500. The market is still brutal, it is said that because of the Pixel foundry, Google hardware and some of the previous Nexus partners make unpleasant……相关的主题文章: