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Guiyang high school teacher was fired for refusing to search? The school denied – Beijing, a Guiyang Qingzhen fourth high school students broke the net posts recently on micro-blog raised concerns. The student Liu Zhenyuan (a pseudonym) in micro-blog said in August 24th when the late, he leave to the teacher on the toilet, because of long time to return to the classroom, the teacher of the search. But he did not agree with, and a dispute with the teacher, was expelled. In August 29th, China Youth Daily reporter went to the Fourth Youth Online? Qingzhen survey. Liu Zhenyuan’s teacher in charge of the class is the night of the self-study teacher on duty, but also the teacher in the described in micro-blog. Sun Jinlong told reporters that the statement is untrue in micro-blog. Sun Jinlong said, from the beginning of the 7 day night, just the night before long, Liu Zhenyuan above the restroom on the grounds to leave their classroom and, because men’s restroom was very close, up to half minutes, he asked Liu Zhenyuan two minutes back to the classroom. About 10 minutes later, Liu Zhenyuan came back to the classroom." Liu Zhenyuan had a combination of high performance and discipline, Sun Jinlong suggested that he play mobile phone in the toilet, Liu Zhenyuan countered, and said he did not take the mobile phone at the same time, hold the hand tight pocket. Sun Jinlong said, in his repeated questioning, Liu Zhenyuan finally admitted that the pocket is filled with smoke, but not willing to take out. Subsequently, Sun Jinlong did it for about 5 minutes of ideological work, has been fruitless, called the director of moral education activities at the phone, at this time, Liu Zhenyuan from the 2 floor of the stairs ran out. "There is absolutely no search, I hope his own mistake giving up things." Sun Jinlong said. Liu Zhenyuan to Chinese Youth Daily? Youth online reporter confirmed Sun Jinlong not forcibly searched that at the same time, Liu Zhenyuan said that he was afraid of the teacher on their search. Sun Jinlong to explain the situation, Tang Mingbing turned back to the classroom, he found that Liu Zhenyuan also returned to the classroom. Liu Zhenyuan will take the initiative to pocket things out, "said is toilet paper". Tang Mingbing said that night he talked with a lot of Liu Zhenyuan, mainly to let the teachers and teachers do not have to fight against each other, and so on, and so on, and so on. That night, Liu Zhenyuan two times to apologize to Sun Jinlong, but did not recognize the toilet after his pocket smoke. Sun Jinlong believes that this is Liu Zhenyuan’s sophistry and dishonesty, he refused to accept the apology, and Liu Zhenyuan’s parents to the school. Divorced parents living together with uncle aunt Liu Zhenyuan. The morning of August 26th, Liu Zhenyuan’s uncle came to the school, on Liu Zhenyuan was reprimanded. The same day, Liu Zhenyuan filled out the school to give him the withdrawal and retirement application form, and left the school. Liu Zhenyuan said he did not want to drop out, I hope the school can give themselves a chance to correct. Tang Mingbing said, Liu Zhenyuan too many times, and some of the behavior is very bad. A set of materials in handling discipline provided by Tang Mingbing, China Youth Daily? Youth online reporter saw Liu Zhenyuan after repeated handling discipline bulletin, two copies of the book review of Liu Zhenyuan himself wrote in the. An inscription for the September 11, 2015 decision display)相关的主题文章: