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Hebei boys fall dry 108 hours was found no signs of life – Beijing, Beijing, Baoding, November 11, (Lv Zihao Yu Junliang) as of 10 at 23:10, after 108 hours of hard rescue, Hebei Lixian County falling children was successfully dug, the medical expert appraisal, identification of children have died. According to Wu Sujie, deputy commander of the rescue work, deputy head of Lixian County County, the morning of November 6th, the county Bao Xu Xiang Meng Changcun daughter and son Zhao Zicong Zhao Xiangyang led the villagers to dig in the cabbage, return will be digging in the end, found that the tricycle can not start, called to help Zhao Zikang neighbor. In the process of launching the tricycle, the child unattended, accidentally fell into the abandoned well. After the incident, Zhao Zicong parents in a timely manner to the County Public Security Bureau 110 police, and to help the "two committees" in Changcun meng. The Public Security Bureau in 110 and Meng Changcun cadres received help, quickly dispatched rescue personnel rushed to the scene, the first time rescue. At the same time, the Xiang Bao Xu case report to the county government. The county’s first time to start the emergency plan, the establishment of a command field, launched an orderly rescue. At the same time, blue rescue team, the rescue team, Baoding timely rescue team, Baoding spring charity group, Bo Yexin of the association of love, Gaoyang Love Association, Anguo City, Lixian County youth volunteers love group more than and 20 voluntary organizations have also joined to the rescue. After the rescue, the rescue team quickly from each county, professional staff and the Public Security Bureau and the public security fire brigade consists of technical support group, responsible for the emergency rescue plan and rescue. The rescue process, the life detector, professional infrared video, professional salvage equipment such as mechanical arm to scan and bottom rescue, because the bottom humid and small space (the wellhead diameter of 30 cm), the light is weak and other reasons, only found the child toy. But in the parents insisted that the fact that the children fall wells, and the presence of the masses surveyed, starting from the point of view of life is higher than all, the technical team decided to take down tunneling measures. At the same time, continuous delivery of oxygen to the underground. In the mining operation second days (November 7th), mining soil appeared sand, operation is easy to collapse, the technology group to expand the operating area, through 5 echelon mining step by step to overcome the obstacles of sand; the morning of November 8th, driving the soil change again, there hung silt soil, machinery does not work and easy to collapse, the study instead of casing sedimentation, artificial mining; in November 8th 6 pm, due to surface cracks, there is a large area of the danger of landslides, rescue suspended. Rescue work was resumed at about 3 a.m. on November 9th, after the removal of the possible collapse of the earth. 10 at 23:10, after a total of 108 hours of rescue, Hebei, Lixian County wells were successfully dug out, confirmed by the identification of medical experts at the scene. Yu Junliang photo, said Wu Sujie, through unremitting efforts, the fall of the child was found, but unfortunately, confirmed by medical experts, the child has no vital signs, very sorry. Blue sky rescue team captain Pang Zhi said, because the well is more)相关的主题文章: