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Historical experience tells us that the financial crisis has come back to the U.S. stock market center: the exclusive provision of the U.S. stock industry sector, the disk before, after, ETF, warrants real-time market, from the historical point of view, every time the gold crude oil soared, that is, when the financial market crisis. At present, the ratio of gold to crude has soared to 44, an ounce of gold worth 44 barrels of crude oil, a record of history. The long-term average of the ratio was 15.5. BullionByPost, the largest online gold dealer in the UK, said, "the fear of another financial crisis brought us a one-day gold trade record of 5 million 600 thousand pounds."." BullionByPost also said, "we got hundreds of phone calls and gold orders overnight, and we got more crazy orders this morning." Some London banks have ordered very large quantities of physical gold orders." ATS Bullion, a London based dealer, said, "it’s crazy. This is the best week we’ve ever made in 2012, and the customers waiting for orders in the store have lined up in the block." Overnight, new debt king Jeffrey Gundlach said that the price of gold or will rise to $1400 ounce, because investors lost confidence in the central bank. The evidence that negative interest rates are bad for the market is piling up, so that we believe that the mantra of the central bank has finally been exposed as a hoax." Now, gold has reached its highest level since February 2015; WTI crude oil futures hit the lowest since November 2002 in March. With the opening date, the global stock market crash and the slowdown in economic growth has become the concerns of investors, gold has become a major asset the best performance. At present, the world’s major financial stocks prices have been lower than the financial crisis. The strength of the strong credit suisse bank has been lower than in the 2009 crisis; Deutsche Bank shares are now lower than in the 2009 crisis; the market has begun to discuss the collective collapse of the global banking system. Recently, some analysts have begun to seriously predict that 2016-2017 will erupt in a global financial crisis, which they believe will be as severe as 2008-2009 of the financial crisis. European banks have begun to deal with the cold winter in the industry. After the restructuring of the banking structure by banks such as Deutsche Bank and UBS, the French bank of Paris also decided to restructure its business structure. In the fourth quarter, the bank’s net profit plummeted 52%. HSBC also publicly said it would freeze recruitment and wages worldwide in 2016, cutting its spending by 5 billion dollars by the end of 2017. In Europe, whether national or risk core periphery banks have reached a two-year high China; risk of the banking sector in 2013 has reached the level of money shortage; Deutsche Bank for five years and one year CDS at the beginning of a sharp deterioration in the debt crisis in 2012, has reached the level of commercial banks; the Saudi national financial crisis at CDS level the United States; banking risk has recently soared. Editor in chief: Guo Mingyu SF008

历史经验告诉我们金融危机卷土重来 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   从历史看,每次黄金原油比飙升之际,就是金融市场发生危机之时。当前黄金 原油比已经飙升至44,即一盎司黄金价值44桶原油,刷新历史记录。该比值长期平均水平为15.5。   英国最大的在线黄金交易商BullionByPost表示,“对另一场金融危机的恐惧使得(我们的)单日黄金交易额达到了创记录的560万英镑。”BullionByPost还称,“隔夜我们收到了数百个电话黄金订单,今早收到了更疯狂的订单来电。” “伦敦的一些银行订购了非常大额的实物黄金订单。”   总部位于伦敦的交易商ATS Bullion表示,“太疯狂了 。这是我们2012年来业绩最好的一周,实体店里等待下单的顾客已经排队到街区了。”   隔夜,新债王Jeffrey Gundlach称,金价或将涨至1400美元 盎司,因投资者对各央行丧失信心。“负利率对市场有害无益这一证据不断堆积,以致于’我们相信央行’这一咒语终于被揭露为一场骗局。”   现在,金价已经创下自2015年2月以来最高;WTI 3月原油期货一度触及2002年11月以来最低。开年至今,随着全球股市大跌和经济增长放缓日益成为投资者的担忧,黄金成为表现最好的主要资产。而当前全球主要金融股价格已经低于金融危机水平。强大的瑞信银行,股价已经比2009年危机时还要低;德意志银行如今的股价也比2009年危机时要低;市场上已经开始讨论全球银行体系集体崩溃。   近期一些分析师开始严肃的预测2016-2017将爆发一场全球性的金融危机,他们认为其严重程度将不亚于2008-2009的金融危机。   欧洲银行业已开始着手应对行业寒冬。继德银、瑞银等银行进行业务结构大重组后,法国巴黎银行也决定对业务结构进行重组。四季度该银行净利润暴跌52%。而汇丰银行也公开表示,2016年将在全球范围内冻结招聘和薪资,在2017年底前最多削减50亿美元开支。在欧洲,无论是核心国家还是外围国家银行的风险都达到两年来新高;中国银行业风险已达到2013年钱荒时水平;德意志银行五年和一年期CDS年初急剧恶化,已经达到2012年欧债危机时的水平;沙特国家商业银行的CDS直逼金融危机水平;美国银行业风险近期也大幅攀升。 责任编辑:郭明煜 SF008相关的主题文章: