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[Hokkaido] a taste delicious chiffon, make you scream – Sohu and long ago heard Hokkaido cake, has not pay attention to it, today with baking class try, I really want to cry: never tasted so delicious cake, how can it moist, soft, delicate and smooth! Just like eating ice cream. Hokkaido Chiffon Cake flour content is too low, with large die roast will collapse badly, with baked cups also will collapse, you will see slowly deflated, become wrinkled, and then make some cream filling slightly muster, but it looks like is still ugly, but when you bite on the moment you will sigh: why not eat it early…… Hokkaido Chiffon Cake includes two parts, one is the Chiffon Cake body, the other is a vanilla cream fillings. While vanilla cream is a mixture of butter and cream caska sent, the essence is the most Chiffon Cake. Caska sauce recipes here said the teacher taste better after refrigeration, which can wait until the night, in the mouth without feeling is gone, couldn’t help but also picked up second, eat all the light. But the picture is not good, the reason is not doing well in advance, did not do the preparatory work: Hokkaido square die hard, not by the paper is too soft. Two, only the pastry bag there are many small pinholes, to squeeze too ugly. Three, take time to think of the finished map found no inventory, dusted with powdered sugar, sugar will be broken. Ha ha, let the picky daughter at a glance, the taste is not the same. Hokkaido Chiffon Cake Chiffon Cake materials: 4 egg, flour 35g, sugar 60g, corn oil, milk 30g 30g cream filling materials: 2 egg, milk 150g, sugar 20g, low gluten flour, 15g Cream 100g, 1 teaspoons of Cointreau (or a few drops of a few drops of lemon. Vanilla) production: one, 1 of the 4 egg cake making the separation of egg yolk. Add 30 grams of milk, corn oil, corn oil, grams of sugar, sugar, stir well after the mixing of 10 grams, sift into the low gluten flour 35g mix well spare. 2 50 grams of sugar 3 times adding egg white sent into the wet foam (mention egg head is a sharp). 3 take the 13 proteins to the egg yolk paste, mix well with scraper translation. 4 then mix the batter back into protein bowl, stir evenly. 5 the dough into about 7 cups full; into the middle of preheated oven, 175 degrees, 14 minutes, cool standby. 6 the cream into the piping bag, round piping mouth, cool in the Chiffon Cake cup, squeezed into the cake surface can be up slightly. After pulling out decorating mouth, vanilla filling on the surface slightly overflow point, finally on the surface of the cake powdered sugar is complete. Two, making 1 cream cream is actually composed of two parts caska sauce and whipped cream. Do caska sauce: 2 egg, milk 150.相关的主题文章: