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How much more Mengku Iceland 100 year old tea trees? Sohu eat and drink now, "Iceland" ancient tea has almost become synonymous with high-end Pu’er tea, the real situation of Iceland ancient tea? Please see below! Mengku tea trees in Iceland famous fast, wide, almost all the people familiar with the Pu’er Tea knows Iceland tea is the high-end Pu’er Tea degree, to have tea trees in Iceland is proud to have the Iceland tea is the best tea logo. The auction in 2014 and 2015 in Yunnan Shuangjiang County, Lincang City, Iceland tea trees to hundreds of thousands of yuan a kilogram of the transaction, this is how ridiculous, entirely market speculation. So, do you know how many residents of Iceland village? How many hundred years old tea trees? What is the annual output? The Mengku town Iceland village, tea tea farm, I really understand the truth of tea trees in Iceland, let me tell you. Iceland from the village of Lincang City, more than and 100 km, 50 km away from the 30 Mengku town Shuangjiang County, a few kilometres away from Iceland, a village halfway to Mengku Iceland Lake (formerly called South reservoir), the 10 km long lake. Iceland village is located on a hillside Yu Hai dial 1600 meters, a total of 54 households in the village, all the growth of tea trees in Iceland in the village before and after the middle of hundred years old tea trees totaling hundreds of trees, annual output of about 2 tons, of which two, more than three hundred years old trees only about 170 trees, annual output 500 kilograms, which is Iceland pure material of tea trees — the real taste of sweet fragrance and taste, but compared to 2009 I drink Iceland old taste, has far. The other hundred years following the age of Iceland tea is sweet and delicious, but the smell of grass was three after global oral discomfort. Most people know is that the government in order to play the Iceland card, free tea in the middle of granite paved a pavement, adverse ecological environment was the growth of tea house is also one disaster after another. So, in addition to the village of Iceland before and after the authentic Iceland tea trees, and trees on the hillside near and small trees (tree, tree Iceland villagers say), are old in a few years to decades of tea. In the tree (decades old) with several tons of annual production, but the fishy smell and bitter taste has been accompanied by the whole process of tea; tea tree is in recent years due to the high prices to continue planting tea, the taste will not have any trees as can be imagined, taste, annual production of higher; in addition the trees and trees surrounding the stockade as the tea tea trees in Iceland, to make the number of tea trees in Iceland in the name of the unexpected; plus other fake Iceland tea trees, the streets are full of tea trees in Iceland just as can be imagined. From the tea prices, Iceland tea trees in the spring of 2014 the price reached the highest point, the 2015 spring tea price is dry, Iceland trees 1800 yuan to 3000 yuan a kilogram, 5000 to 8000 kg in the tree, trees of 16000 yuan to 20000 yuan a kilogram, 20000 yuan a kilogram per picking. This is the Yunnan province Pu’er Tea per kg, the highest price Hill dry tea trees. network相关的主题文章: