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Beauty Many think that getting celebrity white teeth can only be done through substantial investment. But in reality to get celebrity white teeth one can achieve it naturally and manually. Yes it is possible with home based, cheap, natural, no side effects causing products. Some people spend much of their hard earned money to dentist, but still they do not get the desired white teeth. However some of the methods illustrated in this article have proved to be productive for many and have saved tons of money. Teeth Whitening Strips: First best method in our opinion is strips. Whitening strips can be centre of exposure for whitening the teeth. In reality they are easy to use, they work rapidly, and one important thing is that they are cheap. Whitening strips are the widely used teeth whitening method in the US. The best part of using strips is that results start to show in just a week’s time. Typically it is advised to use strips for more than 2 weeks till 3 months based on the need. But continuous usage of strips may cause damage to the teeth. Hence a good line has to be drawn when it .es to the period of usage of teeth whitening strips. Hydrogen Peroxide Gel: Second option could be whitening tray and hydrogen peroxide gel. In this case you have to put this tray in your mouth for half an hour, but seriously the issue of concern is that, everyone do not have so much patience to sit with mouth guard in everyday for a week. Given the disadvantage of this system, the effect is really amazing. Within few days there should be remarkable change in the color of the teeth. Gels have to be used in long term to gain sustainable white teeth. Teeth Whitening Pen: Finally one’s favorite product would be whitening pen. The advantage of using it lies in the fact that it requires very little of your precious time. It is portable therefore can be carried anywhere and moreover very easy to apply. It takes only a minute to apply. They are widely used as portable agents. Moreover the cheap cost factor is also one more reason for heavy usage of this tool. Truly speaking pens do not synthesize high level of impact very soon. However prolonged usage gives a very good result and .plexion to the teeth. Therefore getting celebrity smile does not cost a thing when you better utilize home based products. But the secret of their million dollar smile lies in the fact that they care for their teeth. They use low fluoride content in their toothpaste because excessive use of fluoride in the toothpaste can lead to breakage of enamel (primary layer around the teeth) and hence lead to yellowing of the teeth therefore leading to teeth diseases. Hence usage of less fluoride tooth pastes and the home based products can certainly help in getting the desired celebrity white teeth. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: