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I can spare tire when normal? Auto – Sohu as we all know, the tyre is one of the important parts of the car, it is directly in contact with the road, and vehicle suspension work together to ease the impact of the vehicle, to ensure a good car ride comfort and ride comfort, and is in the spare tire, tire problems for emergency. Some owners complain that the spare tire and tire commonly used are not the same, not the same as a person wearing a pants leg walking in the street, but not very beautiful personality. But this is the quality of spare tire, more let a person to accept. The spare tire in the end can not use it? There are three common forms: the first international spare tire spare tire and tire completely; second, a full size spare tire, and not the same as you are using the tires, which are the narrow tire, is generally a small circle. That is to say, if because of special circumstances, you need to change the spare tire, put on the spare tire, you must be in good repair or buy a normal tire immediately after the spare tire off. The third is collapsible spare tire, usually folded up on the trunk, open after sufficient air is an emergency backup. Why do the narrow tire spare tire, is to remind the owners, when tire problems as soon as possible after the repair or replacement of tires, not for a long time to use the spare tire, which is different from the normal use of the tire. Therefore, non full size tires can not be used as a normal tire. Why not design a full-size tire? The major trends in the design is not full size commonly used as tire and tire in recent years, one can lose weight, two is to reduce the space occupied, three is a temporary spare, to remind you when. Many manufacturers have adopted such a design. Again because owners in changing the tire bolt torque can not reach the required torque, the tire is not in place is dangerous for car owners, in order to avoid dangerous situations, many cars account for the above reasons, deliberately designed some small spare tire, and tires to remind the owners. Full size tires can be used for a long time? In theory, yes. First of all, a full size spare tire is only four other cars and spare tire size is the same. This allows the car to be placed on the ground surface, is horizontal, not feet. However, this is only a matter of level. If there is the following, it can not be used for a long time. For example, the same size, but the tire brand is different, not enough to support its perfect state, so it is not recommended to use for a long time. Of course, if there is not so high requirements, do not care about these or have been in the city road, it does not matter. The spare tire also need maintenance: 1, check, because the car spare tire to use there is little opportunity, very easy to ignore, wait until when will actually use the spare tire, the car has no gas, big trouble will appear cracks. Go to 4S shop maintenance, pressure responsible will check the spare tire. Like this — with barbecue spare, very dangerous! 2, put an end to oil, oil and spare tire can not put together, the main component of the tire rubber, rubber, the most afraid of the system相关的主题文章: