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I have a super low price of European countries, per capita 4000 luxury travel half a month – tourism Sohu Click to play GIF 1.4M in Europe for the traveler, is never too easy to reach. High price of air tickets, trouble visas, high consumption…… There seems to be no enough 1W yuan, did not dare to step into the land. This time, Feekr is for you to tap into an ultra low price small countries — georgia! Remove the ticket money here, per capita ¥ 2000+ to luxury travel for half a month, than to go to Southeast Asia is also cost-effective. Not to mention the big promotion in the airline, round-trip air tickets with tax as long as ¥ 2000 or so! In this country you may have never heard of it, but she is on the cover of LP Castle style building, do not lose the British here is the fairy tale Town, the blue sky and white cloud, like the hidden world of sky city, people marvel here more comparable to the Swiss mountain glaciers moreover, the natural resources are almost free of charge, let your senses to enjoy a feast of super beautiful landscape and the most important is that it can hardly see Asian faces in the town are only friendly people, always smiling face of the Soviet Republic of Georgia, once the European barrels of gunpowder once had. Because of the South Ossetia war, once severed diplomatic relations with Russia; western and northern borders Russia, the black sea junction, south near Armenia. And this place, but a lot of people have never heard of a strange country. Today, let the flight @Tarina to share her travel experience of 16 days in Georgia and ~ this place, absolutely let you forget! Schedule DAY1 Guangzhou Urumqi DAY2 Urumqi Tbilisi Tbilisi (capital of Georgia) DAY3 Tbilisi Tbilisi DAY4 Tbilisi TbilisiSighnaghi DAY5Sighnaghi DAY6Sighnaghi Tbilisi TbilisiKazbegi DAY7Kazbegi DAY8Kazbegi Tbilisi Tbilisi DAY9-11Mestia DAY12MestiaKutaisi DAY13Kutaisi Tbilisi Tbilisi Zugdidi DAY14 Tbilisi Tbilisi (Dry Bridge DAY15 Tbilisi (flea market) Tbilisi new city) DAY16 Tbilisi Tbilisi Urumqi Tbilisi Tbilisi is the first station of Guangzhou is the capital of Georgia, Georgia the largest city. It is located between the greater Caucasus and the lesser Caucasus, near eastern Georgia Kura river, at the strategic crossroads of transcaucasia. The Kura river from Tbilisi city from west to east across Tbilisi, is the political, economic, cultural, personality education center, at the same time bar相关的主题文章: