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In addition to make people crazy Pikachu and halo, Nintendo has done things – Science and technology Sohu dizzy embarrassed if there is a super fun game, but can only play 15 minutes, you will love? The mode of Zhang PPTN "appeared in the" August 12, 2016 "music travels" column 114 in the mobile phone game "Pokemon" Go wins applause, people seem to see the AR and VR in the future in the entertainment and business unlimited prospects. But things always have two sides, then, we really want to "black" miracle creator Nintendo. With more innovative "genes" than other game giant Nintendo, always ups and downs in "black technology" in a close call. Let’s talk about the past, and the Pokemon game. In December 16, 1997, many Japanese viewers are watching the animated cartoon "Pokemon" thirty-eighth sets of "computer warrior 3D dragon", it is strange that many of the audience collapsed overnight, more than 600 people went to the hospital. The event became sensational news, animation industry There was no parallel in history. the next day, "Pokemon" copyright, Nintendo’s stock price fell, and even lead to "Pokemon" cartoon was canceled. Medical experts found that after verification, the original problem in 3D dragon. The cartoons have 4 seconds to show the computer plot is lustrous and dazzling flash, so the production staff on the use of red white and blue three eye is most sensitive to color to create a flash, the results for 4 seconds 30 times per second, strong flash, let so many viewers produce allergic reactions, a disease called "light allergic epilepsy syndrome". However, it allows more people to remember is – 3D dragon event. In fact, this is not the first time Nintendo users get dizzy, don’t know is busy "catch" strange "Pokemon" game player Go people see such events are going to think. Two years ago, occurred in the 3D long event, Nintendo has launched a confusion of innovative products. Despite the great influence of 3D long event, but Nintendo is not, but the animation is only a sideline. This time, Nintendo in the main game of their own field, intends to design an event. July 21, 1995, a game called Virtual Boy (virtual boy, referred to as VR Boy) listed in japan. The game machine is the industry’s first virtual reality gaming equipment to try, but later was the media as the history of the most useless digital products fourth. "Pioneer to martyrs, suffered outside ridicule, even after many years also teased. In January this year, with the VR glasses red hot Oculus founder Palmer · VR Boy to luckey said publicly that the virtual reality industry "discredited", he also accused the product to bring long-term damage to the virtual reality industry. Do not blame the outside world so belittle VR Boy, in fact, insiders are also reluctant to mention the Nintendo game. Mario’s father, in an interview in 2014, was asked by reporters in a hurry, and even said that his own.相关的主题文章: