Involving the disgrace China the Hongkong Legislative Council is the accent of sophistry misao

Involving the "disgrace China" Hongkong lawmakers argued: just the accent of Liang Songheng (map) original title: Oh, Hongkong lawmakers say "China" is not an insult Chinese, just the accent! The observer network high Xueying 12 days in Hongkong, members of the new Legislative Council sworn in the ceremony, two from Hongkong’s "local school" young senator says "CHINA HONG KONG group IS NOT (Hongkong not China) blue banner swear by the name of one of the beams to constant people are deliberately Chinese oath to read" China ", they therefore disallowed oath. According to Hongkong media reported on 13, Liang Songheng said in an interview that he did not think that "China" is an insult to Chinese, just the accent. The "HONG KONG NOT CHINA" this sentence as "apple is not orange", but the fact that the statement. Hong Kong media reported that in 12, sworn in ceremony, Liang Songheng’s "wings" tour Huizhen in People’s Republic of China will be the full name of People’s Republic of China English, swear, read "People’s Re-fu*king of of china". Liang Junyan, President of the Hongkong Legislative Council, said the two men were sworn in and will be sworn in on Wednesday for members who have not yet completed the oath. Liang Junyan reiterated that it would be in accordance with the law to decide whether to accept the oath, the oath is very solemn and simple, and hope that they can work together to perform the work of members. But he also bluntly, can not predict what they will do. Liang Songheng later received media interview that he did not think the oath will read "China China" is an insult to Chinese, "China" can be interpreted as different meanings, when Sun Zhongshan in the overseas lobbying also said that at present there is also true southern accent. He believes that we should go to see from a group of oath, judgment is for the people, country or regime. As for the show "Hong Kong is be not China" Cape issue, he explained as "not just like apple, orange" statement of fact, do not know why the Secretary General Chen Weian questioned whether he understood the contents of oath. Liang Songheng said he is not sure whether the oath can correct again next week issued "China" sound, it is uncertain whether and English oath may use other languages. For Liang Songheng "" China "is not an insult Chinese", most of it is generally believed that the mainland netizens do not dare the sophistry of words. But there are users that "China" is the "China" transliteration, is a neutral term. Then the word "China" in the end there is no insult Chinese meaning? It is understood that the word "China" is the first ancient India to China call, in the Tang Dynasty has been translated Chinese, also, to the aurora, the fat, Dan, Dan, really vibration. Ancient India two epic "Mahabharata" and "Ramayana" have to "Cina" to refer to相关的主题文章: