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Reference-and-Education If one is a parent and their child is between two and five years old, chances are, they have been asked the inevitable question: so when are you putting them into preschool? Despite the arguments for and against preschool, there is finally a third option for parents. Preschool online learning is where the best of both worlds mingle. Thanks to modern technology, preschool can take place online, where children (and their parents) learn and grow together in a virtual environment. Preschool online learning was developed as more and more software, businesses, and services jumped to the cloud. Many people have heard about this recent technology use of cloud .puting, but what is it, really? To understand the concept fully, it helps to know a bit about .puters and networking. .puters, when linked together, can .municate with each other; this is called a network. Networks are usually connected to a server, which is a machine that administers and connect it to the Internet. A server has, until up to the time of cloud .puting, only been a physical machine located either on-site or from a hosting .pany. Cloud .puting virtualizes the server, allowing .puter networks to access the information and software from any .puter in the world connected to the Internet. What does cloud .puting mean to the institution of preschool? With preschool online learning, a child and their parents have access to the curriculum whenever and wherever they want. Instead of needing to reschedule massive amounts of parents time to take children to and from preschool, preschool online learning lets learning happen at any time. As well, cloud .puting for learning curriculum is usually designed to be accessible on any electronic device. A parent and their child would be able to access the learning material on a laptop, tablet, or even a smart phone and on multiple platforms. Another benefit to preschool online learning resolves one of the issues that lots of parents facethey may not feel their child is ready to be enrolled in an .anized school-type setting. Parents may feel worried about the preschool instructor, or the setting itself. Parents may have many worries about their child being sent to preschool but perhaps feel that the learning opportunity is too important to miss out on. Preschool online learning solves this wonderfully. With preschool online learning, a parent does not have to entertain any worries about their child being sent to a strange place during the day. All the games, songs, and fundamentals of math, science, literacy, weather, and art can take place in ones living room. As well, most preschool online courses let you connect with support if neededan instructor would be just an email or chat away if one needed help. One of the best things about preschool online learning courses is that it lets parents get their child ready for kindergarten and grade school by easing them into a weekly schedule. Preschool online learning offers parents a host of benefits, not least of which is more choice in the beginning stages of their childs formal education. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: