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Jac announced the stock suspension with Volkswagen joint venture or rumors will come true in late September 6th, JAC stock issued a notice of suspension, documents show, "due to the signing of a memorandum of cooperation has an important influence on the company, given the uncertainty of the matter, in order to ensure fair disclosure of information, maintaining the interests of investors, to avoid abnormal stock price volatility, the company’s application, the company stock in September 7, 2016 temporarily suspended for one day. The company promises to identify the important matters as soon as possible and announce." It is understood that the Yangtze River’s suspension of its contract with the public, the two sides plan to cooperate in the field of electric vehicles. In fact, between the mass and the long rumored, but because the Volkswagen has FAW – Volkswagen and Volkswagen’s two joint ventures in China, in accordance with the provisions of Chinese automobile industry policy, foreign car companies only with two domestic automobile joint ventures. But the problem with the public today announced in the US commercial vehicle manufacturer Navistar and become "feasible", Navistar company is North America’s largest heavy truck and bus manufacturer, whose brands include International commercial vehicles and military trucks, IC bus, commercial passenger cars and diesel engine, and Navistar and JAC early in 2012 it established a joint venture, the two sides each accounted for 50% of shares. Analysis of the industry, the public shares by Jonas Weida (cf. distribution, pictures, inquiry), or to achieve indirect cooperation and jac. Volkswagen announced today, the price of 15.76 yuan per share, $256 million for a 16.6 stake in navistar. According to Caixin reported that the competent authorities of the state in June last year, specifically for electric passenger car companies open single electric vehicle production qualification, or not in the industrial policy limits, so that the public can with the established third joint ventures in china. According to sales data released by JAC, JAC 1-8 sales in the month of this year was 415 thousand and 400, compared to the same period last year, 375 thousand and 100, an increase of 10.76%.相关的主题文章: