Jewelry-Diamonds Jewellery Jewellery is a luxury that every woman dreams of indulging in. Over millennia, mankind has striven to invent more and more ways to adorn the bodies not just of women, but also of men. Jewellery happens to be the most exorbitantly luxurious solution. By introducing metals and stones into the conventions of fashionable human attire, they have literally added sparkle to the lives of men and women alike. In fact, it is incredible how even the smallest piece of jewellery can make a huge impact in the appearance of an individual. Different kinds of jewellery exist for the adornment of different parts of the human body. The item that is common to almost all cultures is the necklace. One of the advantages with necklaces is in the fact that pendants of different sizes, designs and materials can be hung from them. However, the necklace is a kind of jewellery that is generally meant for the feminine gender for most cultures. On the other hand, rings are not gender-specific pieces of jewellery. Men and women of almost every developed or developing culture in the world wear them. It should be noted that this kind of jewellery can have different designs for different genders. Other categories of jewellery also exist, including earrings and body chains as examples. Some cultures also permit the use of nose rings and anklets. Bracelets and bangles are popular among women worldwide. Men are generally not observed wearing as much jewellery as women in developed cultures. However, assuming that men do not wear jewellery at all would be inaccurate. Cufflinks and tiepins are examples of jewellery that are designed specifically for men. On the other hand, in some cultures, men are observed wearing earrings. However, since most men prefer not to pierce their ears, this is not universally observed. Jewellery has been regarded as the symbol of wealth and social status as well. To be more specific, the very state of possessing precious metals and stones is generally held to be one of esteem. Items of jewellery are still regarded as for every family or individual as markers of wealth and socio-economic status. Monarchs of all civilizations have been known to possess not just currency in terms of gold, silver and bronze, but also ornate pieces of jewellery that were regarded as their treasures. The Egyptian and the Inca civilizations are worth mentioning in this context. The developed world today perceives jewellery in terms of the components involved, that is, the precious metals and stones used to make the items. Gold has retained its status since the ancient monarchs right up till the modern age as one of the most precious metals. However, platinum is gathering popularity of late in the jewellery industry. Precious stones are also important constituents so far as jewellery is concerned. Combined with precious metals, precious stones add dazzle to glitter. In order to select the perfect design, one can even check online catalogues. Otherwise, jewellery stores are always abundant in developed zones, especially metropolitan areas. About the Author: is an U.K. based Diamond jewellery manufacturer, engaged in production of high quality diamond jewellery. Diamond jewellery manufactured by Rivazge contains 100% certified diamonds. To know more about our products, visit: ..rivazge.. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: