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Jiangling first half net profit to drop 34.8% transformation of passenger car difficult first half net profit drop 34.8% Jiangling "ride" while Gao Feichang has always been known for robust performance of Jiangling Motors this year also encountered the problem of development experience. Jiangling Automobile sales letters published in July showed that, the road sold 530 vehicles in July, and the first 7 months of total sales of 2382 vehicles, the average monthly more than 300 vehicles only. That road is JMC’s first passenger car, the car at the end of October last year listed, but at the end of last year, two months of total sales of more than 5000, entering this year to every month sales of less than 1000 vehicles. While in July was once again a new low. This dismal sales Jiangling unexpected. As "taking Jiangling Automobile ride" strategy of the first product, the high-end market shake the path of hardcore off-road vehicle positioning, whether it is Ford or Jiangling on the hope that the high. Vice president and general manager of JMC Jiangling Automobile sales company Li Qing has publicly declared that the car can be directly against TOYOTA Prado in performance, but compared to the latter stable at 3000-4000 months of sales in the market, which apparently failed to achieve a better way to his. In the automotive industry, JMC has maintained a steady business, its cooperation with Ford Ford transit production models, to maintain a good performance, which also makes Ford repeatedly holdings of Jiangling Motors corporation. In 2014, Ford and Jiangling cooperation to break the boundaries of commercial vehicles, decided to cooperate in passenger cars. Then, which way is introduced in May this year, the two sides launched a high-end MPV Rui Europe. At the same time, Jiangling heavily to build their own car brand Jiangling Yu Sheng, transformation attempt. But the development of Yu Sheng also failed to bring new performance support to jiangling. 1-7 months of this year, Yu Sheng brand SUV cumulative sales of 7150 vehicles, down 39.14% yoy. And its long-term profit source of commercial vehicles also fell. This leads to JMC first half of this year following the second 2015 annual decline in performance after the landslide. The first half of this year, revenue 10 billion 811 million yuan Jiangling, down 9.83%, attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 705 million yuan, down 34.86%. The auto industry average net profit growth of 17.76%, the company’s net profit for the quarter decreased by $29.65% in the previous quarter. "Jiangling could not get rid of commercial vehicle development thinking, especially in sales and service, but the development of passenger car is required to reverse the sales and service mode." An unnamed industry analyst told the Economic Observer newspaper reporter. Passenger support not Jiangling in half year earnings to decline in net profit to make the explanation is: "this is mainly due to decline in sales, product price and sales expenses increased." In the first half of 2016, the company sold 121 thousand vehicles, down by 10.78%, including a total of 50 thousand trucks. But in fact, the first half of Jiangling Motors also received 230 million yuan of government subsidies, if this part of the removal, the first half of the performance of JMC相关的主题文章: