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Lose 20 kilograms, thin out the face of Mitch – the Sohu first 26 year old Pauline, let Wei Wei think of Chinese female Xun Zhou’s early impression, Pauline skin like cooked egg white, so smooth, smile, cheeks like Mitch round bulging, very cute, but is already a little woman of her, don’t want to be a lifetime, it looks like a childish little girl. And the main reason why Pauline is childish is actually related to her cute Mickey face. Pauline said: "I was fat to six prefix weight, if you take the photos before you look, you will be scared, in order to slim down, every day the amount of weight, after five, seven at night do not eat, and eat only one meal a day these weight loss methods are tried, I personality is very strong, when the thin to five prefix, you want to try again" greedy, should have a chance to see the four prefix weight ", although in two years, the success of lost twenty kilograms, but the greedy nature is very difficult, even to drink tea without sugar will Jiazhen beads, taro these round, very chewy. ". Like spicy, low calorie snacks, and more is her favorite, over time, the cheeks of chewing muscles, she was trained unusually strong, as the protruding Mickey face. Pauline said, "we are young girls, who do not want to have a high nose, with a pretty face? But I didn’t dare to operate, so I wanted to try micro plastic surgery. ". Pauline doctor to help her in the cheeks of the masticatory muscles called Botox, she felt super acid, just a few days before the end, will feel no strength to eat very chewy foods, and played in the eyes of hyaluronic acid gel nasal Yangsan root, finally in her slightly short the chin, called gel type hyaluronic acid, make the face more slender. Wei Wei found Pauline Mickey face disappeared, the whole face not only face the fine feeling, also become more feminine, the crooked nose was gone, it seems more soft, very suitable for her new face, chin is her face a lot of extra points. The best medicine journal of plastic beauty:? ItemID=242431047& p=-1 more plastic beauty article please: plastic Master magazine official website or QQ: plastic Master PSBEAUTY up by WeChat??? =

劲减20公斤,瘦出米奇脸-搜狐   初见26岁的Pauline,让崴崴想起对中国女一号周迅的初印象,Pauline的皮肤像煮熟的白煮蛋,那么地光滑,一笑起来,脸颊像米奇一样圆圆的鼓起来,非常可爱,不过,已经是个小女人的她,可不想一辈子,都看起来像个稚气未脱的小女孩。   而让Pauline很稚气的主要原因,其实跟她可爱的米奇脸很有关系。      Pauline 说:「我曾经胖到六字头的体重,如果拿之前的照片给你看,你一定会吓到,为了瘦下来,天天都量体重,晚上五点、七点以后不吃,还有一天只吃一餐这些减重的 方法,都试过,我的个性很好强,当瘦到五字头之后,就贪心想『再加把劲,应该有机会可以看到四字头的体重』,虽然在二年之内,成功瘦下二十公斤,但贪吃的 本性,还是很难改,就算是喝无糖的茶,都会加珍珠、芋圆,这些很有嚼劲的东西。」。   像五香??之类低热量的零食,更是她的最爱,久而久之,两颊的咀嚼肌,就被她训练得异常的强健,有如凸出的米奇脸。Pauline说,「我们年轻的女生,谁不想要有高高的鼻子,跟漂亮的瓜子脸?但我也不敢去开刀,所以,才想试试微整形。」。   Pauline的主治医师帮她在两颊的咀嚼肌打了肉毒杆菌素,她觉得超酸的,刚作完的前几天,会觉得没有力气再吃很有嚼劲的食物,并在两眼鼻梁山根的位置打了凝胶式玻尿酸,最后替在她略为偏短的下巴,打了凝胶式玻尿酸,让脸更修长。   崴崴发现Pauline的米奇脸消失后,整张脸不只有了鹅蛋脸的精致感,也变得比较有女人味,原本的鹰勾鼻也不见了,看来更柔和,非常适合她的新脸型,下巴则为她侧脸加分不少。      最佳医美整形杂志:?itemID=242431047&p=-1   更多整形医美文章请上:整形达人杂志官方网站   或是QQ:   整形达人PSBEAUTY   ↑ ?按?制微信? ↑相关的主题文章: