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Jingdong to test the water electricity supplier custom market customization gradually become a consumer trend Gao Suying, following the Tmall, Jingdong also began to test the electricity supplier clothing custom market. September 20th, Jingdong on-line Beijing system custom tailored channels, the introduction of clothing private customized services. Different from the past in the face of ordinary consumers is a niche market Jingdong launched this custom tailor service mainly for the domestic high-end. Analysys Analysys released "Chinese quarter B2C market monitoring report 2016 second quarter" data show that in the second quarter of 2016, the scale of B2C Chinese garment trading market reached 208 billion 900 million yuan, an increase of 44.7%. With the continuous upgrading of China’s consumer market, consumer demand for apparel products increasingly personalized preferences and diversified demand continues to highlight. The industry believes that the current custom clothing channels in the electricity supplier market share is still relatively small, as a new business model from last year began to rise, although able to allow consumers to buy cost-effective products, effectively inhibit the increased inventory, but also face the demand for customized services, personalized service requirements of higher dispersion problems, especially with the electricity production channels cooperation Custom Brands also have strong supply chain and production process to support, which challenges the custom clothing business O2O. Personalized has gradually become the consumption trend of electricity providers have to test the water in September 19th, Jingdong EVE de CINA, Kevin to Kelly, NE, TIGER, By, Creations, X, Lando, cypress products HMR six brand jewelry at London Fashion Week, and officially launched custom clothing "Beijing and channel", and according to the different needs of consumers of the the dismantling of custom clothing and customized two business. Vice president of Jingdong, Jingdong Home Furnishing group mall apparel division president Xin Lijun said that Jingdong should aim at the domestic high-end custom clothing revenue in the fashion crowd, because through big data analysis, the current custom major consumer groups in more than 25 years old, especially some of the relatively stable income of users, so they are hoping to find the location of Jingdong in mature users, in the choice of cooperation customized brand need to face a particular user, rather than to serve the public brand. China’s middle class is emerging and new spending habits and attitudes are being changed by the ethnic group, mr.. From product to brand niche designer products to customized products, high-end consumers are increasingly concerned about the quality and taste. After the Alibaba founder Jack Ma has said publicly that future business will be C2B instead of B2C, the user changes the enterprise, and not the company sold to the user, the manufacturer must be individualized, otherwise the enterprise will be very difficult. "China business newspaper" the reporter understands, test the personalized service business is not in the minority, in early 2015, custom clothing clothing people start online business, information, clothing tailor "provide door-to-door service and customer service service, but did not have their own factories and workshops, only invited custom factory.相关的主题文章: