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Judo a sister in Chung keen love for her husband to make man fancies of men of letters in the song and the husband on the show, sina sports stadium Judo rolling world a sister in song, tonight will be a guest Zhejiang TV program. Already 29 years old in song, from the London Olympic Games due to injury lose eligibility to Rio the first time to participate in the Olympics, fight all the way to the semi-finals, won the bronze medal Chinese. Although Judo on her brave show in song has shown Judo meaning: "the gentle way", and will draw a readme love piano, playing a zither, and also love a big show of affection, and revealed the next made plans. In the song Neixiu show tender feelings, like cross 78 kg class for the fancies of men of letters as a player, in the song can be said to be a heavyweight. Too much weight, people often give people the impression of clumsy, but in the song program, with only 11 seconds to complete Ye Yiqian takes more than and 40 seconds to pass the dodge ball game, dexterous staggering degree of wonder, can become a leader in the Chinese nvrou. Although the game is a domineering female man, but life in song is quite delicate tenderness, there are a lot of hobbies. The program she said, almost all of his fancies of men of letters has been covered, as the daughter of the painter, painting nature be nothing difficult hanging in the dormitory, his brush calligraphy; from childhood love playing the piano, electric piano has received a birthday gift, but the level is still stuck in the "selling newspapers song" stage; in order to release the pressure, she also learn guzheng, can skilled hands play with the "The Legendary Swordsman", "a laughter" and other songs. In the song sweet show of affection, the National Games after considering the baby a lot of people do not know, in the song already married, did not return home xiangfujiaozi, can continue to dream, thanks to her husband Zhang Maohong’s support and encouragement. In order to participate in the Olympic Games in Rio, the couple even delayed the baby time: "when the Games end next year, will adjust the body, love and consult ready baby." Because of the particularity of Judo project, in the song can not lose weight, but never to build self-esteem, self love also quipped "see clothes, do not wear, buy, wait for me to wear thin, results for several years did not wear, failed many times." Do not praise too much and do not envy a good figure: "I am a confident man, happy to live well." Moderator Shen Tao [micro-blog] sharp question: when shopping, the husband will focus on beautiful girl?" Song also said: "I did not pay attention to this, I always feel my husband’s eyes are on me!" Cause the audience applause. Program recording process, although it is late at night, Zhang Maohong also insisted on the scene to accompany the song recording, but also on the spot to his wife confession: wife, you have worked hard." Song also sweet response: you have, I do not work hard." The most important man in life is the father, but now there’s one more." Love sweet confession is envy others. The couple from crushing floor, enjoy the Olympic Games do not give up Zhang Maohong as a Judo coach, and in the song was a powerful combination. Two)相关的主题文章: