Kim Jeong-eun recalled Castro as a close friend of the North Korean people tencent upd

Kim Jeong-eun Memorial Castro called the Korean people’s close friend of the original title: Kim Jeong-eun to Fidel expressed condolences over Castro’s death data figure: November 26, 2016, the former Cuban leader Fidel Castro died. Cuba’s official website recently released Fidel Castro in two photos 15 days this month, this is Fidel Castro’s last reported in the newspaper photo. Castro attended the celebration of his ninety birthday party. In new network on 27 November, according to North Korean media reports, North Korean leader Kim Jeong-eun, local time 27 days to call the Cuban leader Raul? Castro, the Cuban Revolutionary leader Fidel expressed condolences over Castro’s death?. Reported that Kim Jeong-eun said in his message, with the Cuban Revolutionary leader Fidel Castro died, would like to? Raul? Castro, the Cuban Communist Party, government and people and the families of Castro, expressed deep condolences. Kim Jeong-eun said, Fidel? Castro offered his life to the country rich, strong and prosperous and happiness of the people, is an outstanding leader of the Cuban people, is a famous political activist. Kim Jeong-eun also said that Fidel is a close friend and comrade of the North Korean people, although he died, but he left the precious results will remain in the hearts of the ancient people of the two countries will always shine in the light of the heart of the people of the two countries in the history of the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China and the world. Cuban leader Raul, 26, announced early in the morning, the Cuban Revolutionary leader Fidel, the evening of 25, died at the age of 90, at the age of. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: