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Let the beautiful dancing in the grass flowers near the Chiang Mai – I love tourism Sohu north of snow to the pure color, also love jungle of dune forest vegetation in spring spring is snatched from the jaws of death, love of jiangnan. But in those beautiful scenery, I seem to lose myself. Ask yourself, why do you want to travel? After meeting with Thailand, I have a new answer. I think I not hope that the beautiful scenery, I just love to see the scenery pleasant mood in those beautiful body watering the seeds. I want to let them take root, let oneself from inside to outside with aura and beauty. However, when I really entered Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai, I think she is a hidden in the flower of grass Jian pure land, more like a never in front of me blossommed flower. No matter how beautiful the shock to me, it seems that it is not unusual. In the Thai Farm Chiang Mai PaPhai’Asia Scenic Cooking School (cooking school), I learned some Thai food production also know collocation, delicacy pharmacology, all natural without added exciting things to eat healthy and beautiful. And many of the raw materials and ingredients of Thai cuisine are ecological extraction, but also the nature of feedback. Homemade mango sticky rice, even the flowers are decorated can eat directly. The taste is light, after eating, the mouth will remain a touch of faint scent, at this moment I want to go home, but also to my dear parents and brothers to make a love of ‘mango pie’. The most suitable Street girls express in Chiang Mai, you can do so many things, a few days can’t see all of her. When the night falls under the hood, moonlight, in the suburbs of grass can shoot a big star, beautiful and fantastic. You can also walk in the streets of Chiang Mai, like me, I think I love on earth, through the thin glass to see this strange city. Occasionally meet the girl in the roadside store is also a person to eat curry, occasionally in a daze thinking of the secret mind. I just stand outside, look at the spread of lonely figure, just sigh I man. Or it might be a beautiful encounter. Stands for a long time, go shopping together to play, the nature of girls buy buy buy, spend the moment the pleasure, the slightest lonely soon overwhelmed by Ning manno brightly lit shops and streets. I think I am in love on the Ning, I don’t know her, the maximum value of the first time, after coming back is my only regret. Here you can find almost all you can think of Thailand local brand cosmetics, curing products and drugs. More important is the price advantage, all very cheap!! It’s cheaper than Bangkok! When I want to go to the next time, I in the universe will eventually force for the outbreak, couldn’t resist the temptation to indulge yourself is most willing to buy buy buy. Shopping is the nature of the girl, even if I do not like blind people, but also because of those little things and stop. Chiang Mai.相关的主题文章: