Li Hanxuan 9.10-9.11 why Friday crude oil asphalt fell more than a single quilt to get out of troubl autobots

Li Hanxuan: 9.10-9.11 why Friday crude oil asphalt fell more than a single quilt to release Sina Taiwan Fund exposure: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The recent crude oil prices can be used to describe the hot, keep up with the market chance change radically, some people earn a lot, over the storehouse is not in the minority. In the recent one, there are two kinds of phenomenon, make the gold reserves of energy, continue to the next war, the loss of the complaining wait-and-see, dare not order. In fact, I would like to say here, people do not have to make a profit loss, but he must be a good mentality, at least not let a single loss affect his next operation, this attitude will help him succeed. The loss of a single will stop to wait and see the situation, and then in the next to do a single pick to make a list, that Lee can tell you here is very honest, the more you want to hit the opportunity when you are the more miserable. You do not have a good attitude to face the profit and loss of the investment market, then you will always pass with success. Why crude oil fell on Friday? In the Friday before the first Thursday said Thursday, EIA data significantly Dumbledore led to rising oil prices exceeded $47 mark, but the market most people began to clamor to see $50. What is more to start the layout of hunters, said rotten frozen production meeting will be held in September, and a few days ago, the Saudi Russian joint put *, are optimistic about the market to freeze production reached, I was not too early to say that the successful conclusion of underground cold production, why? Because of Iran, Iran insisted that it should not be included in any freeze production agreement before the country’s output to return to the level of Western sanctions. However, as Iran’s main rival, Saudi Arabia has also shown that unless Iran joined the freeze production agreement, the Saudis will agree to the agreement. Since Iran is not willing to freeze the Saudi Arabia will not be willing to do so, Iran is still a stumbling block to freeze production. The meeting will end in failure! The latest data show that Iran’s latest production target may be as high as 420-430 barrels per day. And has exceeded the previous 4 million barrels, indicating that it did not want to freeze the idea of production. Then once the freeze fails, it will exacerbate the oversupply situation, and oil prices will face further slump! The second Friday (September 9th), American oil service Beck Hughes released data show that as of September 9th week, the number of U.S. crude oil drilling platform increased 7, to 414, refresh the 7 month high, and in the past 15 weeks of U.S. crude oil drilling 13 weeks increase recorded in the United States, natural oil drilling; gas drilling and mixed oil and gas drilling a total increase of 11, increased to 508. From the changes in the number of nearly 3 weeks the number of American oil drilling, oil drilling platform in 2 consecutive weeks after the slowdown, again accelerated rise, that U.S. crude oil producers ready to resume production activities motivation is revealed. In addition, the EIA data released yesterday showed that as of September 2nd when the week, the United States EIA crude oil inventories unexpectedly reduced by 14 million 513 thousand barrels, to help raise oil prices rose sharply相关的主题文章: