Li Ke, together with his father and son into the battle of the Star Wars Battle of the beginning of ca1834

Li Yulin Li Ke and his son Qi battle star Chen Chien-chou Zheng Haixia started the war heritage basketball predecessors Li Yulin Li Wenhan Tian Mingxin young basketball coach personally coach debut maming maming Sina entertainment news said: "basketball can condense into different categories, different levels and different ideas in a short period of time, can let them together, this is basketball charm." This sentence speaks of "Star Alliance" to the meaning of existence, a star family can meet the reason, also woke up this inheritance battle last played so touching. This period of the tournament and the first two different, if the first two to win the game as the highest goal, this game is the inheritance of basketball as the highest criterion. In this program, we can see not only the children of the kindergarten play, as the "Star Alliance" cheer, also can see the star team of Li Yulin and his son Li Ke two to debut. United star maming coach is beyond all expectations, personally go into battle, gives a more special meaning for this "inheritance of war". In the game before the opening, and the United star star team led a youth team lit the whole atmosphere. It is understood that this young team in each small players are very fond of basketball, the youngest is still in kindergarten. In the PK part of small, the smallest boy holding bigger than his ball playing, indomitable spirit adorable all over the ball speed, was also shocked the audience, Chen Chien-chou said: "they [micro-blog] is really Chinese basketball hope ah!" In the process of playing star united and star team in the basketball spirit passed down the idea of constantly emerging. In the home, as a basketball coach maming old generation predecessors personally go into battle, Cao Yan, Cui Yong, and foreign aid as a contemporary basketball strength Chinese yellow seashells on Feng Hanpu as Chinese youth basketball in high and vigorous spirits, strength and predecessors realignment, achieve spectacular situation Chinese basketball "old in green" Three Generation fit, once people passionate, full of hope for the Chinese basketball. In the two, Li Yulin Li Ke and his son together, Peigemoqi, with continuation of the blood and years to tell you the meaning of basketball heritage. "Planet of the alliance" is from the Oriental TV, to the beginning of unlimited production, music, music, music, sports, Yi Yi era and Run Zhu media, PAE Pictures CO produced the original star basketball cross-border reality show. This week is about eighth. The basketball indomitable spirit to pass down, let more people love basketball, this is "Positive Energy Star Alliance" continuous transmission. Ending more exciting content, please pay attention to the Oriental TV 21:35 "Star Alliance", as Chinese fight.相关的主题文章: