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Liaoning ship senior noncommissioned officers were 39 years old at any time on the battlefield – political commissar: Sohu Military Channel text with map: Liaoning ship n.c.o. Boost the "flying shark" aircraft carrier sailing lifts towering Liaoning ship senior NCO groups become the carrier security backbone of Washington: the autumn season, shouldering the test and training task Liaoning ship on a new voyage. On the deck, two sergeant Zhang Naigang is focused on examining aircraft takeoff system equipment; the cabin, a sergeant Liu Debo repeatedly told the crew prepared by air boiler maintenance…… In the carrier, always see a senior NCO in each key position hectic figure. The senior noncommissioned officer was there to witness China’s first aircraft carrier from the "ship initiative" to "every breakthrough on the ship", become the backbone of the carrier protection. For Chinese soldiers, the aircraft carrier is a new business. The ship carrier forces established, selected from the five naval units, through strict examination, selecting the best, a group of love, career experience carrier ship training excellent officers was listed as the preferred backbone, to become China’s aircraft carrier construction development pioneer. In the face of a maze of steel ship, "everything starts from zero". In order to find out the ship master equipment system structure, and this batch of NCO backbone to wear a helmet and respirator, flashlights, drill pipe, bilge, touch measuring data, drawing, drawing tens of thousands of copies of completed equipment system. Through the spirit and tenacity, they handed out in the first half of the aircraft carrier ship to achieve independent operation of equipment, more than 3 months in advance to achieve full control of all equipment, to create a navy ship with the history of "the first full by tipping training" and "the first advance over the key equipment cabin" first. Boost the aircraft carrier sailing, lifts the flying shark cupola. In 6 years, together with the growth of Liaoning ship these officers have grown into the backbone, many senior noncommissioned officer. Their average age of 39 years, the average age of soldiers for 20 years, rooted in aviation, electronics, navigation, weapons, communications, shipping and other key sectors of the department. In their hands under control, after repeated exploration, research, demonstration and training in hundreds of times, is established according to the deployment in place, according to the implementation process of carrier aviation security model, developed a set of carrier aircraft maintenance process specification, boost Liaoning ship in less than 3 years of time on the formation of the machine comprehensive support capability of carrier based aircraft. In ship number, day flights, takeoff and recovery efficiency are greatly improved. In order to combat aircraft carrier construction, these veterans Wu Yi not only their own skills, also try to do a good job mentoring". They prepare yourself to the professional teaching, apprenticeship training mode Bangdai comrades. Electrical and Mechanical Department of three sergeant Sun Wei has brought out more than 8 monitor backbone, help 2 soldiers successfully admitted to the military. It is reported that the ship 70% young sergeant are their disciples, the average person with more than 3 backbone monitor, training a large number of excellent backbone for the future development of aircraft carrier, aircraft carrier construction become the most powerful force. Power jack Lai Jishi 6 years ago, a group of senior officers for the dream of a strong army, carrier dream to become China’s first aircraft carrier crew troops first, shape"相关的主题文章: