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Liu Yonghe: no early parent-child interaction is a pseudo – Sohu early childhood mother have a good friend, is a yoga enthusiast. She has a 8 year old son, who has been working with her mother since she was born. Today, the friend developed a set of parent-child yoga courses, attracting a lot of high-end customers of all ages. I get to know her is from a television program recording, she is a guest, I am an expert, we are talking about the topic of parent-child interaction. In private, she told me some scenes of parent-child interaction, which is a topic of great concern to me. She said that this parent-child parents and children together to participate in, there are some parents to grandparents to participate, this can be understood as the official busy; but some mothers even let nannies and children do yoga together, and in their own Rest Area play mobile phone…… My lovely friend Angelina, she has not yet understood the needs of the market, he has begun his own entrepreneurial path. Do parents really need you to give them the way they interact? The answer was No. They hope to find the most convenient method for early intellectual development of children, the most worry to: they put children into the indoor playground freely, beside his brush circle of friends; they give their children the use of electronic interactive products, you can easily call friends and chat; he will download a "Uncle story" software to children, you can watch a set of series; they can to give it a go, you can find time to go shopping…… How smart parents, they use the reasonable time, both to meet the needs of the child, but also to meet their own desire". When someone asked what he was doing when he can confidently say, "Hey, I this is not to accompany the child!" The reason why they are so confidently, around most of the parents is to do so. However, I would like to say, sorry, this is wrong! Do you think it is true, children playground equipment, electronic products, interactive storytelling and uncle early class of College graduates. They let the children early no longer lonely and boring, it does play a certain effect of early intellectual development, but their effects on children’s early education is extremely limited, because this time the female teachers should bear the responsibility of the early class of interaction is not, but should be the child’s mother should not be someone’s home; uncle, but should be the child’s father. "Only parents in early childhood, is really early." I mentioned in the book "parent-child interaction just published to the" scratch feet monster, "before the age of 3, mother is the authority of the role of education, this period should be mother centered, father for coordination and assistance, complete obedience training period in children. In the parent-child interaction fully in children, harvest the sense of security, self-confidence, self-discipline and social force, and these are the female teachers in the playground facilities, electronic products, interactive storytelling uncle, early education classes can not be given. We have a lot of reasons not to interact directly with children, such as we do not have time, we do not have the energy, we have no way, such as we are lazy. Some experts just see the hidden business opportunities, they are"相关的主题文章: