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Media: public servants should read the upgraded version of the "Prohibition" connotation of Sohu news Legal Daily News September 30th, recently, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region issued regulations requiring all public service in the autonomous region within the scope of the reception will be prohibited from drinking alcohol, special needs should be reported to the Commission for Discipline inspection (Discipline Inspection Group) for examination and approval. The reporter found out, in recent years, Zhejiang, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Jiangsu, Hunan, Anhui and other provinces have issued official reception "dry" Provisions (September 29th "Beijing News"). The introduction of Xinyang city since 2007 in Henan province since the prohibition, there have been local consciously join the "Prohibition" ranks. 2013 Office of the State Office issued the "domestic official reception party and government organs Management Regulations" clearly stipulated in the official reception shall not provide high-end wine, over the past two years, the introduction of prohibition in the implementation of this provision. From a practical point of view, the official reception drinking phenomenon greatly reduced than before. Officials disclosed in 2012 that year, China official is a "drink drink every year in West Lake". This statement is accurate can not be verified, but in the past official reception drinking phenomenon is really crazy, very common. Now, there is drinking to reduce the phenomenon of "Prohibition". If the early "Prohibition" is the primary version — prohibit civil servants working day at noon drinking, so in recent years the "Prohibition" is an upgraded version. The so-called "upgrade", refers to the lunch and dinner are divided and temperance; for what wine belongs to the forbidden area, now also made detailed provisions, more practical. Anhui also requires state-owned enterprises executive prohibition, alcoholic beverages are prohibited, it is also a reflection of the upgrade. The author thinks that the connotation of an upgraded version of the "Prohibition" is more abundant, especially the officials at all levels of civil servants need to really understand. The "Prohibition" is "upgrade" for a variety of reasons, the first is the central ban more and more strict. Whether the eight provisions against four winds, or "opposition party and government austerity waste regulations" and "domestic official reception party and government organs Management Regulations", embodies a "strict". The official reception prohibition are strict, consistent with the spirit of the central government. Provisions of the more strict prohibition effect is better. Frankly speaking, the early prohibition of public servants at noon on the day of work there are limitations, that is, other periods of official reception drinking will also bring a lot of problems. Before the temperance object is limited to the official, but the state official reception drinking is also very serious, not only a waste of state-owned assets, but also to develop unwholesome tendencies. In short, now more strict prohibition overcomes many defects of the "prohibition". The second is the phenomenon of discipline violations are still many. The official reception drinking phenomenon has decreased, but not entirely, not only the discipline inspection departments at all levels exposed a number of typical cases, but the media has exposed a lot of problems, and some self reported cases, such as some officials died after drinking exposed the official reception drinking problem. When the discipline still exists even in the upgrade, the "Prohibition" is also necessary to upgrade. Thirdly, the official culture needs to be changed. "Prohibition" is to promote the conservation and improvement of the party and government funds etc.. In addition, there is improvement officer)相关的主题文章: