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Health Hip replacement techniques are becoming extremely popular day by day with people suffering from hip joint problems. This problem is particularly high in women, who have various kinds of problems related to bones in the body. According to a report that was published in US, it was seen that the percentage of hip replacement surgeries carried out on women were much higher than that on men. Orthopedic surgeons have forecasted that this number is surely going to increase in the coming years. However, several developments have also come to this treatment. Presently, gender specific hip replacement techniques are adopted so that the best results are obtained from the surgery. When thought of it normally, it is true that there are many differences in a male body and a female body. It is also obvious in that case that the hips will also be different for them. The anatomical difference between the two genders cannot be ignored. Surgeons and medical practitioners have carried out lots of studies and researches about the same and results have been obtained that there are quite lot of differences in the hips of males and females. Therefore now gender specific hip replacement techniques are being adopted by surgeons so that patients can have a successful surgery and can return to their normal life at the earliest. There are actually mixed reactions from patients who have undergone gender specific hip replacement surgeries and from them who have not. When a survey was carried out among people for understanding the results of the surgery, some people who did not have a gender specific orthopedic surgery said that they did not feel any difference and some said they felt uneasy and uncomfortable. But gender specific surgeries did not have much negative feedback. Surgeons are still working out on this particular thing and trying to figure out if gender specific hip is really important or are the problems results of other things related to the surgery. One thing has been proved that women are more prone to orthopedic problems with age as their level of calcium is less in the body and it keeps on decreasing with age. Bones become brittle and are prone to accidents. Leading a healthy lifestyle, eating green leafy vegetables, exercising regularly and having regular calcium supplements are some of the best ways to solve the orthopedic problems in the body. Infact you will also be saved from the agony of a gender specific hip replacement surgery. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: